Tuesday, December 1, 2015

IMSMC Christmas Party 2015

Oh what a party!

59 members along with family and friends made up 156 attendees at our 2015 Christmas lunch,

A fantastic afternoon in Christmas spirit at IL PIATTO Restaurant in Horsley Park. Members are to be commended n transforming the carpark into "Via Piazza Navona" our cars looking spectacular in the perfect Spring morning.

The Day began with a welcome and appetisers for all. The staff of Il Piatto were acknowledged for the preparation and fine food throughout the afternoon.

Our Club raffle was a huge success. Where would be without our sponsors and enthusiastic executive, club and members alike! THANK YOU!!

 We acknowledged the efforts of Alessandro Di Rocco, Elissa Losinno and Robert Losinno, for their ongoing support, as our Blog Master, Facebook master and CMC delegate respectively, volunteering their time for our benefit!

At the end of "formalities"... HO! HO! HO!... Santa arrived delighting all with gifts. Santa kept our younger attendees entertained for a good hour! Thank you Santa.

On behalf of the committee, we wish you all a wonderful Christmas and entire festive season. We thank you for your participation and enthusiasm. 2015, a very eventful and successful year. We look forward great times ahead in 2016.

Buone Feste!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Auto Festa 2015

On Sunday the 25th of October, our Club participated in AUTO FESTA, as part of the Norton St. Italian Festival of Leichhardt.
52 spectacular Italian Made vehicles graced the space in Pioneer, creating one of
the best displays that our club has created thus far. The colours creating an attraction that satisfied car enthusiasts from afar!
Stories were abundant, as many visitors sharing their experiences, of an era where "everybody owned or knew someone that owned an Italian Made car, either here or in "Italia!"
Member Rob Losinno presented his wonderful Alfa 105 - the long awaited "reveal!". Congratulations Rob & Elissa, the labour of  love truly evident. Wonderful to see a fantastic example of an original 850 sedan, presented by member, Giuseppe Puglisi. Well done! Another special mention to Frank Failla, presenting his A112 AutoBianchi - it's probably the only one in the country!... proudly a part of the IMSMC fleet!
The day was full of Italian, cooking, cuisine, fashion, music & technology. Our club stall was kept busy all day, with IMSMC STAFF, run off their feet, whilst music kept us all entertained, from a neighbouring stage.
We also thank the event manager, Patrick O'Reilly & staff, for their assistance as cars entered the park. We thank them for the complimentary "porchetta roll" that each driver ( and visitors) were offered as a gesture of appreciation, of our participation.
EACH MEMBER IS COMMENDED in the manner in which we met, cavalcaded, prepared and presented our cars. A wonderful display. Fantastic to see so many members that squeeze in a visit, in between other commitments...Thanks EVERYONE! A memorable contribution, to what boasts to be the largest Italian Festa in the Southern Hemisphere.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

St Alban's 500 run

On Saturday the 10th of October 14 IMSMC FIAT 500’s cavalcaded from Windsor to St. Albans (in the Wiseman’s Ferry Area).
The impact that these little cars have on the public and fellow motorists is amazing. the enthusiastic questions and comments, smiles and photo’s all in abundance. From the moment the first cars arrived at our meeting place, on the road and onto our final destination.

A spectacular Spring Day, in great company, driving the worlds sexiest car (as per recent survey motoring Magazine) is truly rewarding.
Upon arrival at Wisemans Ferry, our 14 Cinquini assembled on the punt and were floated across the Hawkesbury River. As we exited on the Western side of the river, onlookers all honking their horns in appreciation and good will. Naturally we returned the sounds of the cinquini!
Refreshments were in abundance upon arrival at the Settler’s Arms, where we gathered in the beer garden and enjoyed lunch together.
A special mention to Oriana De Iulio who drove the Family Cinquino for the first time. Some of the driving conditions were a little challenging as we crossed the metro, clocking up over 200Km. Well done Ori!
We look forward to the next opportunity, to grace the community with these fantastic, iconic little cars!
Viva La CinqueCento!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bobbin Head Picnic 2015

Sunday the 20th of September saw members and family attend our Long awaited Bobbin Head BBQ picnic. The weather looked as though it was not going to be on "our side" yet it turned out to be a very pleasant day! The Gas BBQ's were turned on providing some warmth, while we were protected from the elements under shelter known as "The Station".

As the morning progressed, many members, family and friends began arriving... the famous courtesies extended toward each other; offerings of Coffee, cake, then salami, cheese, cake... it all began to happen!!!!

It was obvious that lunch time was approaching as Esky's and portable webers, ovens, the gentle waft of marinated meats, sausages, onion

 Once again, like a scene out of Italia, our cars were parked next to our gathering, attracting the attention of the public. many passers by explaining that their first car was a Fiat, an Alfa (wish I still had it) was the common cry!... our cars looked great too!

Ball games, card games, fishing, discussion and the famous laughter all contributed to a wonderful day at the iconic Kuringai National Park!

Also on Sunday, The Burwood "SPRING FESTIVAL" was held at Burwood park. Unfortunately, we had a clash of dates! Club Representatives “The Losinno’s” attended in Full Club attire!Congratulations to member Charlie Losinno, who was awarded the best 1950’s Vehicle, with his 1950 Topolino. Congratulations Charlie!

A great day had by all.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Concorso D'eleganza

On Sunday the 13th of September, 56  IMSMC members were present, 52 IMSMC cars were displayed (Concorso and Show n’ Shine combined) at the annual Concorso d’Eleganza held at Gough Whitlam Park.
Sydney turned on the perfect Spring day. The colours of our cars adding to the vibrant atmosphere.
All members are to be congratulated on the manner in which their cars were presented. A huge thank you to the number of members that assisted in the day. It was like a “working Bee” as stalls, flags, banners , tables and “The Cars” were set up in the morning, each contributing to a fantastic day. The same being required at the end of the day as well.
Our stall boasted the “tre-colori”, the Italian Made Logo beaming across the field, as our trophies glistened in the sun!
A Huge thank you to our sub-committee and judges for organising a perfect day. Mick & Cate Stivala, Nat Stillone, Rick Capollino, Gerardo Mediati & Vince Li Vaccari – THANK YOU!
Our results are listed on our web site. If it were possible, EVERY MEMBER deserves the Biggest Trophy – as everyone participating in the “spirit of the day” noticeable to passionisti alike!
It was a welcomed thought, in discussion, as someone pointed out, “It’s a great day, to see these cars and friends sharing the day. The biggest reward is seeing a very large group of young people  sharing in the same. The children of our members & Friends!” We always encourage the involvement of our family & friends and it’s great to see this!
A special mention to member Leo Di Rocco, who had a mechanical incident on the way to concorso (it’s a historic motoring thing!). By hook or by crook, there was no way that his FIAT 600 was not going to be part of the 60th anniversary display. He performed a miracle, getting his car home, on a trailer and made his way to the concorso, all the same. A special effort reflecting “The Passion!”.
At the start of the Trophy presentation, our club presented member Brad Aitken with a $200 donation as sponsorship toward research for MS. Brad is participating in the Sydney to Wollongong (The Gong Ride!) in November. We thank our sponsors & members allowing such donations to take place.
Member Emanuel Ziino (and sponsor of our event), presented a wonderful 1965 Maserati Sebring. This car was elected by the 4 Presidents of respective clubs as the “Concorso Car of The Day!” This is the first time, in the 20+ year history of the event, that not a FIAT, nor ALFA, nor LANCIA has won this category. The presidents had no hesitation in awarding an “ITALIAN MADE” car, the award! Congratulations Emanuel and congratulations “ITALIAN MADE!” Our club member and club emblem, is now embossed on the perpetual trophy!
Thank you to everyone that participated, organised, assisted and shared in a great event!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Griffith Sausage Festa.

On the weekend of Sat, the 29th of August, 35 of our members & family participated in the Sausage Festival of Griffith.
 11 Classics gathered for the drive, completing over 1100km’s in 3 days.
Our cavalcade to one of the major country towns was a “drivers delight”. Each vehicle maintaining correct speeds, occupying the remote roads of country NSW. What a sight! Our first visit was to the Gademo meat works, where we were greeted by a large number of visitors enjoying the local cuisine & hospitality; everyone swarming to our cars for a closer look. It was wonderful to have met up with friends and associates of IMSMC – amazing who you find in Griffith!
Member Graham Smith arranged “an economy run” of this event, where classic drivers, needed to “guesstimate their miles per gallon” for the run. This certainly had the drivers wondering and although we “thought” we knew our vehicles, the different driving conditions can provide different results! Well done to member Joe Scarcella who “almost” got it right! Graham and Jan Smith awarding him with a fine drop and model of a classic 500!
On Saturday night, we gathered at the Hanwood sports club for more festivities. We also celebrated a few Birthdays on the night, which added to the atmosphere!
On Sunday, The sausage Festival was in full swing, with 1000 guests enjoying song, dance and Festivities. Our MC’s were well known celebrities (TV personality) and Lyndey Milan (celebrity chef) John Mangos (TV personality). Our club arranged a display of our classics, again attracting volumes of discussion and admiration.
A fantastic weekend, full of driving, fun, FRIENDSHIP and we MUST HIGHLIGHT GRIFFITHIAN HOSPITALITY!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

FerrAgosto & Eastern Creek 2015

Sunday the 16th of August saw our vibrant club participate in two iconic events in the Sydney Metro involving, 50 of our Classic Italian Made cars!
35 cars assembled at theOfficeworks car park on Parramatta Road (just opposite High Performance Smash repairs) for an 8:30am Cavalcade bound for Five Dock FerrAgosto festivities. Our contribution was significant. Our Classic cars with their classic colours maintaining interest all day. 
All things Italian, were experienced on the day, including Live dance acts, singing, Italian & International Food glorious food! Members were kept busy answering many questions from passers by.
It was wonderful to see the LARGE NUMBER OF MEMBERS that visited throughout the day, each contributing to "The Buzz" that was evident at our display.
A further 14 members gathered at Eastern Creek  International raceway, for the annual CMC Classic. Again, our cars creating a great deal of interest, amongst the 1900, Classic, Vintage & Veteran Cars assembled throughout the grounds.
Member Rose Cara making a significant contribution to the day, doing "Laps of the raceway" in her 1969 Fiat 500, accompanying some Lucky winners of a Radio 2CH competition. We are still trying to determine who was happier, the driver or the winners of the prize!
Our Club under took a "parade lap" at 3:00pm... many onlookers were astonished by the performance and the "Italian Opera", the lovely sound of classic Italian fine tuned engines as they make their way around the race track.
What a weekend and what a contribution! Well done IMSMC. What a Club...What a wonderful family!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Tizzana Winery 2015

Sunday the 19th of July, 51 members, family & friends attended our event at Tizzana winery.

Our day began with a rendezvous at Mc Donalds McGraths Hill, where 25+ classics made their way to Tizzana, but first a picturesque "cruise" through the back streets of "metro Windsor", descending to Lower Portland river crossing (by punt) at Sackville. 

A first time experience for many!
On arrival at Tizanna, owner Jonathan gave us a very interesting insight into the history of the original owner of the winery. A very interesting presentation, with links back to  World War One and the Light Horse brigade!
 We then had the opportunity to sample the wines of the region, both Red and  White including fortified specialties. Lunch was served and members and guests were treated to locally grown vegetables with Chicken pieces and a sauteed sausage dish. With wine included as part of our lunch and a wonderful desert, the day came to a conclusion with many purchases from the cellar door.
 A great day and wonderful experience, allowing the opportunity to meet new members and family.
 Cin' Cin'!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

AGM 2015

On Friday Night the 3rd of July, our Annual General Meeting was held at Club Marconi.

70 members and family participated in the meeting.

Members were given the opportunity to present their ideas, which are always welcome.... these were resolved and minuted accordingly.

Club Marconi assisted with the manner in which they prepared the Elettra room including Audio Visual equipment, which allowed our meeting to be undertaken with comfort and efficiency.

Four weekend events were presented for 2016. The members receiving the information with great enthusiasm. John Di Rocco presented a few small changes regarding our Ettalong Event and Auto Italia (stand by for specific information). Leo Di Rocco introduced the Griffith Sausage Festival and Brad Aitken presented the IMSMC SNOWY MOUNTAINS DRIVE for 2016.

Member Gerardo Mediati, presented the format of Concorso D'Eleganza for 2015. He has also extended an invitation to MotorEX 2015, for us all to be present at Homebush for the unveiling of his FIAT CONCEPT CAR. We look forward to the unveiling and wish you well Gerardo!

We are happy to announce that the committee remains unchanged, with each being nominated and re-elected for the 2015/16 year.

A special presentation and mention was given to member Nat Stillone. Nat's assistance on those long drives that create "some" mechanical concerns on our classics, was acknowledged; he is always there to keep us motoring!
 At the concluson of formalities, members were "hosted" with our traditional Pasta meal and topped off with a generous serve of Mille Foglie Cake.

The discussions continued, with all showing great enthusiasm of forthcoming events.

Well done IMSMC.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pangallo Estate Winery.

Viva Pangallo!

On Sunday the 21st of June, 60 members and family visited the Pangallo Estate Winery in Richmond Grove. Our day began with our traditional rendezvous at Thornleigh, where "double shot" espresso and cappuccino's were in order.

At 9:00am we set off Northbound on the M1 with a  cavalcade of 20+ cars bound for Pangallo...incident free, our machines arrived to be greeted by Lyn & Mick Pangallo for wine tasting (very good!) , olive oil and marinated olives to sample and purchase.

We assembled at the Pergola, within minutes enough "nibblies" to last a month was spread over the tables, with everyone sharing and sampling each others specialties!

We were entertained by a singer on guitar singing a few "traditional Italian songs" which were popular amongst our members, all in chorus.

Shortly afterwards we were served pasta with spare ribs cooked in red passata tomato sauce (with parmesan cheese and chilli!). The afternoon unfolded with great company, as members and friends mingled and shared a laugh. Meanwhile, Leo (registrar) set up his portable coffee Bar (2 of the biggest Moka caffettiere you ever did see!

and served the crew! some opting for the  "corretto" option of-course!)

All great days conclude and happy to report that all went extremely well. Lyn Pangallo expressed her thanks for our presence. Committee member, Rose Cara, WE THANK YOU FOR ORGANISING A GREAT DAY!

See you next time!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Festa Della Repubblica 2015

Sunday the 31st of March our club presented 36 cars in static display at Club Marconi for our annual contribution to "La Festa Della Repubblica".
Our cars looked fantastic and generated a great deal of interest, all day, from the public. Everyone has a story to tell about where they went, what they did in their Fiat, Alfa in 1963, 76, 84 etc! Always interesting and wonderful to offer some "nostalgia!"
Our members were offered a lunch voucher, courtesy of Club Marconi. Member Tony Campisi also offered a tray of "excellent pannini" made up of salami, prosciutto, mortadella, provolone, pepperoni and carciofi!... the bread is some of Sydney's best! Thank you Tony. A fine gesture!

Food, wine, pasta, Italian cakes and entertainment was all in abundance.
At approximately 2:00pm, Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott, walked around the grounds. As he past the IMSMC bancarella, our president strategically approached his entourage, called out his name, "Mr. Abbott!". They shook hands. Mr Abbott was handed a club cap. He looked at it and read out aloud, "Italian Made!" The Prime Minister then proceeded to put the hat on, and the Papparazi went mad!... one of those memorable moments ladies and gentlemen of IMSMC!!
At 3:00pm, our cars were judged by the Marconi executive. Firstly thank you everyone that participated, creating a fantastic display. Our winners on the day are as follows; ( a hard job for the judges). The trophies being donated by member William Nasato form Corporate Awards Australia. Thank you William!
 3rd  Vince Li Vaccari 2005 Enzo Ferrari
2nd Rino Zanello 1966 Fiat 2300 Coupe'
1st Pat Marando 1969 Fiat 695.

The afternoon progressed with an abundance of all good things, Italian.

At 6:00pm a Fireworks display concluded the celebrations. A great day. Thank you everyone!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Myrtleford 2015.

On Friday the 22nd of May at 730am, 41 adult members and three children left Pheasants Nest, bound for Myrtleford, Victoria.

Myrtleford is a town on the alpine way in the king valley located in Victorian high country. 20 classic Italian vehicles turned onto the Hume Hwy, Southbound which marked the beginning of an unforgettable event.

The cars all performed very well with stops along the way at Yass, Wadonga and finally Myrtleford.
one car experienced problems and as a consequence, the car was quickly dispatched home efficiently compliments of the the premium care package offered by the NRMA.

We arrived in Myrtleford that afternoon between 3- 5pm. AT 530, members boarded a bus which took us to Gapstead winery which took us to dinner, prepared by the well known chef Stefano Manfredi (and his team!) the meal was fantastic, the company exceptional! The atmosphere was incredible and the premium wines were adorable! The night passed quickly, as usual all good things come to an end.members boarded the bus and returned to their accommodation.

Saturday morning welcomed us with an icy reception at 0 degrees! None the less, we set out for the piazza to display our cars. The day was filled with many things to do and see including food stalls, local produce and home grown entertainers.

Saturday night, members were invited to " Pizzeria Bastoni". The IMSMC crowd were provided with beanies, one in particular was used to raise money for the "Cure Brain Cancer Foundation". Serena the owner donated $50, members quickly followed suit, opening their wallets and at the end of the evening  IMSMC managed to raise $350, The club matched the generous contribution of its members for a further $350! Rita Murer, mentioned that through Westpac's fundraising policy, the money raised could again be doubled and as a consequence $1400 was raised for the Cure Brain Cancer foundation! A fantastic result!

The IMSMC choir, yet again left its mark  in Myrtleford.. embracing the moment to sing a few good old songs ( The wine may have helped!). From Bastoni, some returned to their lodgings, while many members opted to go to FEZ for a few after dinner drinks.

Sunday morning, members returned to FEZ for breakfast a cafe with a Moroccan twist. After breakfast, members were then off to Michelini's winery for a tasting, returning afterwards to Gapstead winery for further tastings. The afternoon saw members going in various directions exploring Myrtleford and its surrounds.

A large proportion of members enjoyed the polenta and spezzatino lunch offered by the Trentini association. A live chess game was held in the piazza, themed in Renaissance Italy, costumes, banners and performance. At the same time at the local soccer club, a soccer derby was unfolding between Myrtleford and Wangaratta which was won 2-0 by Myrtleford, a spectacular game of soccer!

That evening a buffet dinner was at the Savoy club, a live piano accordionist entertained guests along the vocal talents of member Joe Losinno!

Our weekend came to a conclusion, with breakfast at Delizie cafe. At the conclusion of breakfast members began to make their long way home, looking  forward to an exciting 700kms +/- trip back to Sydney through picturesque scenery. Passing through towns like Yackandandah,Wodonga and onto Albury and finally Sydney and surrounds.

Thank you to all members of IMSMC who were a part of this event, an excellent weekend that was enjoyed by all.