Friday, December 12, 2008

IMSMC Christmas Party!

The Italian Made Social Motoring Club's first annual Christmas party was held this year at Gledswood Homestead in Catherine Field. 53 members and visitors attend what was to be a spectacular day of food, drink, more food and excellent company!

Arriving at Gledswood just after 11am we were greeted by a performance of stockmen, cracking whips and mustering sheep! not your average Sunday morning sight!

In all 9 classic cars made up a display around the back of the function centre, one member in his infinite humour brought along his Honda complete with Fiat 500 sticker on the bonnet!

The day began with a wine tasting, with a cheese platter graciously offered by Andrea and William Gallo. While members enjoyed a glass or two of the estates fine wine, many opted to tour the grounds and explore the magnificent gardens and the old homestead itself, a beautiful colonial building with many later additions as the importance of the property grew. While others enjoyed the more rural aspects of the working farm, observing sheep shearing, cow milking and getting up close and personal with the wildlife.

With all the walking and drinking that was going on, we had worked up quite an appetite and so lunch was called. So all flocked from near and far to join at the large tables and indulge once again in fine food and company. The lunch was large and food in abundance, all ate their fill!

The more formal part of the day commenced after the eating was finished, with speeches from the club secretary Lino De Iulio and Club President John Di Rocco. The Committee presented John with a token of their appreciation of the hard work and effort that he had put into the club this year. Acknowledgments to the contributors to the raffle, in particular Andrea Gallo's parents who donated a very large salami were thanked which was first prize!

This prize was appropriately won by a one Mr. Lloyd Jamieson who unaccustomed to public speaking, delivery a short speech of several thousand words of apprecation! Lloyd expressed in his short speech all the hard work and activity that the club has undertaken throughout 2008.

A perfect Finale to a perfect year!

Merry Christmas to all

Friday, November 14, 2008

Tizzana Winery Run

Another exciting IMSMC event took place on the 9th of November, the Tizzana run.
Meeting at the McGraths Hill McDonalds car park, a fine selection of Italian made vehicles made some noise while we waited for all members to arrive. In total 35 people! After greeting each other warmly, we were on our way again, our destination Tizzana winery located near Wisemans Ferry.

First stop was the pub at Wiseman’s ferry, where we let our cars cool off in the warm weather. Meanwhile the drivers cooled down themselves any which way they could, some with a morning coffee in the shade, others ventured inside the pub to admire the “architecture” and others opting for a glass of famous “shed red”.

We soon departed and followed the Hawkesbury River through to Portland where, much to the amazement of one young driver, we crossed on the ferry! Three ferry loads later we were all across and continued onward to our intended destination, Tizzana.
The road was long, narrow and somewhat arduous at times, but we made it! The last leg leading up to the winery had potholes that according to some members were big enough to lose your car in!

All of a sudden on our left emerged this large sandstone structure some, personally I almost missed it as I was taking in the sights of the vineyards and the river!
The building, which later we found was destroyed by fire was a large sandstone structure built by a Dr. Fiaschi in 1878. Once inside this amazing structure, the temperature dropped easily 15 degrees. After being warmly greeted by the owners we sat down and enjoyed lunch, complimented with a few bottles of the wineries finest and crusty bread rolls. Desert followed apple and rhubarb pie with a dollop of cream.
A brief history lesson followed lunch, with the son of the owner informing us about the history of the winery.

The original owner as before mentioned, was a Dr. Fiashi he was the surgeon general at Royal prince Alfred, he married a “nun” and to get away from the gossip moved away from Sydney and established the Tizzana winery. Fiashi had an interesting career as a young man, serving on the western front, the Italian front and at Gallipoli during ww1. He was in charge of the hospital at Lemnos where many wounded Australian soldiers were treated.

In 1968 the existing owners re-purchased the land surrounding the winery and have now restored the top level into a bed and breakfast.
After the informative speech, members gather around outside for further wine tasting and a club raffle. Where a 1:25 Ferrari 456GT model was drawn by a young visitor Pasquale Romeo, the winning ticket for his dad!

Another successful IMSMC event!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


What a great day! Although a little humid the weather was fine and sunny with the occasional breeze, members of IMSMC again turned out, yet again in style.. The efforts of our members on the day merits a mention as they assembled nicely, and followed all instructions, after all they were reiterated a number of times by various people!

Those magnificent men in their Italian made machines they went up Parramatta road, down onto the city link and into Norton Street with a minimum of fuss. The line of collectibles added colour to the traffic, the cavalcade could not be missed.The blue army members parked their vehicles and assembled, the crowd stood in awe watching the timely reversing and parking precision…The day started well and the stall was prepared, the now familiar IMSMC banner was assembled on its frame.

Turin imports have sponsored our club and we agreed to hoist their banner on the day. We have been told that Turin Imports which is based in Adelaide, South Australia, I am sure you have dealt with them in the past, has wide range of Fiat parts in particular the 500 bits and pieces along with a wide variety and selection of other bits…. I have been told that their service is quick and efficient…

The crowd gradually swelled until Norton St. was a sea of people… As usual the wine, food, music and song was plentiful… In particular I noticed the piano accordion was put to good use and a young lady played the clarinet and accompanied the accordion very well. Many organisations were represented on the day even Club Marconi. I could not help but notice as I strolled along the stalls the creativity and ingenuity of we human beings, in particular, the things we do to bring food to the masses! The trailer mounted full blown wood fired masonry pizza oven! Now that is something we can do when we have a free Saturday afternoon!
The beers flowed at the Royal for some members without mentioning any names, but after all matters need to be discussed and dramas needed to be washed away with a “cleansing ale” or three…

Anyhow, back up Flood Street into the Royal, revitalized and back into the crowd. As I approached the car display area many people had gathered and were admiring the cars.. At this point I must mention that the NSW Police could not resist the temptation and have purchased a brand new FIAT 500 went up to the constable and said “nice car” and asked what she thought of the car, the answer was reminiscent of the scene in “Wogboy”… She said “I cannot wait to drive it back to base”, all she wanted to do was drive the car and kept saying, “I luuv it”….
The cars as usual were a highlight of the day, many people asking questions and telling us how they once owned and enjoyed their time as owners with the cars many years ago…

To all members and families that attended another job well done.. The day progressed nicely with a number of enquiries, many taking application forms, we may end up with a new member or two, sales were up (no global crisis being experienced by IMSMC) expenditure and overheads minimal!

Leo Di Rocco

Team Italia :

  • Alessandro Di Rocco : 850 white spider
  • Gianni Di Rocco : 850 red spider
  • Leo Di Rocco : 850 green spider
  • Warwick Houlden : 850 ochre sport coupe
  • Michael De Iulio : 128 green sedan
  • Lino De Iulio : 124 positano yellow
  • Joel Stillone : : 124 AC red
  • Giuseppe Querrin : 500 white
  • Giuseppe Lecce : 500 red
  • Joe Di Marti : Alfa spider red
  • Lloyd Jamieson : 500 Red
  • Maria Losinno : 500 white
  • Filippo Foti : 500D blue
  • Charlie Losinno : Topolino
  • David Johnston :500 white
  • Graeme Smith : 600 orange
A special thank you to Joel Stillone for his excellent photography!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Motori D’Italia

Sunday 28th September saw several members of the IMSMC display their cars at the classic Italian motorcycle association show & shine at Club Italia at Lansvale.

Sunday dawned fine & warm, a perfect spring day!!

We had a very pleasant drive, enjoying the exhaust note with the windows down, arriving at Lansvale just before 9am.

With the cars being displayed in manufacturers order, we parked the Alfa & joined the other members in setting up the banner & club table.

Together IMSMC had a total of six cars on display on the day:

-Adrian’s Alfa

-Charlie’s Toppolino

-Gerardo’s Abarth 695

-Joe had both his 500 & His Punto

-Phillip’s 500

-David Johnstons' 500

-Joel's 124

There was a constant stream of motorbikes with all makes well represented.

Unfortunately for the cars some of the more expensive marques weren’t represented at all.

There were 5 Alfa’s, 2 Detomaso Pantera’s, 18 Fiat’s, 1 Lancia, & 3 Maseratis in total.

There was a steady flow of interested lookers only too willing to share their memories of their time with their Italian car.

We enjoyed some of the beautiful sunny weather & had some excitement when a small grassfire broke out not far from us, which bought out the Rural fire service to extinguish.

For those looking for some shade there were some nice shady areas around the motorbike displays, or, you could enjoy watching the Bocce tournament, or enjoy a cold Beverage in the club.

Before too long it was time for presentation & it was a credit to Gerardo to be awarded best Fiat on the day for his lovely Abarth 695.Congratulations to Gerardo on his award.

It was a very nice relaxing day with the club display looking good & plenty of people showing interest in the club.

A special thank you for Adrian King who provided the write up and photos for this event.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Burwood Classic

Sunday the 7th of September, FATHERS DAY 2008, 12 IMSMC members arranged their cars, "by special arrangement", on Park Avenue at Burwood and participated in The Burwood Council Spring Festival "CLASSIC SHOW & SHINE"
The weekend looked like it would be a "wash out" as Saturday was full of RAIN! - Then, right on queue, Sunday morning was mild, with sunshine and blue skies.
Burwood's main road was mass of activity - coffee shops, restaurants and around 100 classic cars..
Needless to say, Our display attracted a great deal of much so, that during the presentations at the conclusion of the day, our club and "The Losinno Topolino" was given a special mention - TWICE IN FACT by the president of CMC, Kathleen Toovey.
Burwood park itself was filled with amusement rides, stalls, face painting for the children and food from all parts of the world. It is estimated that around 50 000 people visited the festival throughout the day.
A great day which was enjoyed by all, and gave our club great exposure and a wonderful opportunity to shine, drive and display our cars and maintain the awareness of "those classic Italian Cars" on our Aussie Roads.

One person visiting our display said, "They must be Italian cars - that one has the Italian stripes on it." Meanwhile, pointing at Bruno Bartolotti's 500!

See you at the next event!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Eastern Creek Classic 08

Sunday the 24th of August saw 20 of our members participate in the annual Shannons Eastern Creek classic. The weather was perfect with clear skies and temperate conditions, after what we thought would be a stormy day out!

19 Fiat’s lined up in the IMSMC display looking very presentable and impressive. As usual passers by were awestruck by our vehicles on show! IMSMC was represented in the president’s concourse by Gerardo Mediati in his beautifully restored Abarth 695. Although not a winner among the many outstanding vehicles, we were told by judges that the car was very impressive. Thankyou Gerardo for representing our club in the Presidents concourse, your effort is greatly appreciated!

The day was enjoyed by young and old and the president of CMC, Kathleen Toovey mentioned that there is a growing number of young enthusiasts attending this annual event. It is worth mentioning that the day never ceases to expose cars which have not been seen for a number of years and rare “imports” which have never been seen before!

A special mention goes to Peter Egan who during the week developed starter motor problems with his 850 sports coupe, but through sheer commitment and determination at wanting to be at the event and with a little help from the Di Rocco brothers and Graham smith he was able to source, repair and fit the starter. Sure enough Peter joined the fold on the day. Well done!

One of the highlights of the day is the lap of the race circuit, which for the first time this year, was in fact two! And didn’t we relish every second that our shiny classics zipped around the track! Maria “Schumacher” Lossino, looked the part in her Fiat 500F, packed to the sunroof with a carload of grandchildren!

We followed each other in a systematic and sequential manner, enjoying those tight corners. However some “spirited” members from another car club did not follow the rules on the track causing some concern to our members during our laps... always look over your shoulder!

A big thankyou to all who attended and presented their cars at this year’s 2008 Shannons Eastern Creek classic. As a result of our wonderful display/participation all indications are that IMSMC will be nominated for CMC affiliation.

We hope to see an even greater turn out next year!

Friday, August 22, 2008

FerrAgosto 08

Just 48hours after our first General meeting, 14 members of IMSMC participated in a static display at the FerrAgosto festivities at Five Dock (what a mouthful!)

This lovely winter’s day began by members meeting at the office works car park in Canada Bay.

After all the Italian made vehicles arrived the carpark looked like something out of the classic motoring era in Italy made up of Fiat 500’s, 850’s, 124’s, Abarth’s, a 128, Topolino even an Alpha!(thankyou Kings) With mighty and not so mighty roars, we left the carpark after a short briefing in cavalcade along Paramatta Rd toward Five Dock.

Our fine array of motoring history was led by local Vince Livaccari who ensured that we took all the convenient roads to get to our destination. Members who attended may have noticed that the tail car, driven by Bruno Bartolotti had a video camera mounted on the roof.... we look forward to seeing the footage!

A conservative estimate places the attendance of FerrAgosto at around 60,000 people and members are convinced that all of them passed us by at least once during the course of the day.

The festa was alive with Italian music, food, entertainers and concrete.... erm stalls as far as the eye could see! Members who attended received a commemorative “Corno” courtesy of the IMSMC to ward off evil thoughts and perhaps even evil motorists!

Canada Bay council was so impressed with our display that we have already received a verbal invitation to display our cars again in 2009! We hope to see you there next year!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Friday night the 15th of August saw our inaugural annual general meeting held at club Marconi.

42 members and guests attended the meeting where financials were presented and accepted, accolades were given and expressions of appreciation to all members were delivered by several members of the committee.

So much has been achieved in so little time which is a true reflection of effort and participation of all members of the IMSMC.

At the end of the meeting, members enjoyed wine, pasta and cake all in abundance! The pasta was provided by club Marconi with funding from sponsor Prodata pty. ltd.
Lino De Iulio and family provided the cake which was beautifully decorated with true Italian flair.

Presidents Report

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to our first annual general meeting 15th August 2008.

I'd like to acknowledge and express my deepest thanks to our IMSMC committee. in a very short time the committee have dedicated so many hours in achieving so much. the conception, evolution and implementation of our club reflects their efforts.

The objective of our club is simple- TO BE SOCIAL!! Enjoying your Italian made vehicle in the company of friends.

The Council Of Motor Clubs (CMC) has highlighted the needs of clubs like IMSMC. they have requested that car clubs and the vehicles of these car clubs maintain a high profile in the public eye. share and maintain the awareness of car clubs and keep the cars on our public roads.

IMSMC has been instrumental in meeting the request of CMC. which brings me to thank you- our members! Our social calender for the entire year has been extremely well attended by all!

I would also like to acknowledge and thank the growing number of the "younger set" of members. your participation is greatly valued and deemed essential. all members constitute IMSMC and the younger members provide the window for its perpetuity.

To all a HUGE thankyou! we look forward to a long association. please feel free to put forward your ideas and expectations as this club belongs to you.

Remember as a social club, your family and friends are all welcome.

Sincerest Regards,
John Di Rocco
President IMSMC

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Christmas In July

Sunday the 6th of July saw members of IMSMC attend our very first christmas in July.

Our meeting point was at the Glenbrook Information Centre @ 10:30am. We were greeted by a number of early bird members already at the meeting point, enjoying a "surprisingly" sunny morning.

We met New members Adrian King accompanied by Janette and Jamie in their wonderful Alfa GTV.
Within minutes the Glenbrook Information Centre became a carpark of classic italian cars. Fiats and Alfas lined the service Road - and naturally attracting many "spectators".

Joe Lecce c
ame along with his latest acquisition a New azzuro blue Punto, the run was to be its maiden voyage. I'm not sure who had the bigger smile - the front grille or Joe!! An awesome machine! Congratulations.

At around 10:45am we were off and and Up the mountain ! A brilliant drive ensued, the weather being very conducive to our Italian cars

Upon arrival at the Imperial Hotel @ Mt Victoria, we were greeted by the the "very helpful" staff. A quick aperitif of warm mulled wine consisting of Lime juice, brandy and cloves...we were ready for lunch!!

There was a constant "milling" of members floating around to eachothers tables and sharing in discussion. The food was wonderful. Just before desert was served Santa visited bearing gifts and good wishes. Ho Ho Ho!!

Before long, the afternoon came to a conclusion. Some members opted to drive the "Bells Line of Road" for the return trip home, while others winded their way back down the mountain.
Merry Xmas in July!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ellen’s Art Exhibition: Braemar Gallery Springwood.

Saturday the 28th of June saw Ellen Di Rocco (Painting under her maiden name Legge) along with two other Artists; present their works with a Feminine theme to the wider community. The official opening began at around 3pm and everybody enjoyed the light refreshments, provided by the three talented artists. Visitors were also entertained by a harpist who played melodically all afternoon.

Towards the end of the day, visitors to the gallery were warmly welcomed to join in the festivities at the Di Rocco household in Orchard Hills. Within minutes of guest arriving, food, wine (The “Shed Red”) and later on even song began to flow! The Pizza troupe swung into action and within minutes, Lino De Iulio was orchestrating the movements of the troupe! Making sure that the right amount of ingredients were distributed amongst the pizzas, and a variety of flavours reached the palates of a voracious mob! Meanwhile, Leo Di Rocco, head chef, made sure the pizzas were cooked to perfection!

Michael De Iulio and Alessandro Di Rocco distributed the pizza amongst the guests, making sure their Nonna’s received the first pieces, avoiding later trouble!!

An excellent evening ensued, with Lloyd Jameson and the Di Rocco brothers entertaining us on the Guitar and Piano Accordion!

Such memorable tunes including “We all live in a Yellow 850” “I would walk *mumble mumble* miles” and in the early hours of the morning “You are my sunshine” via voicemail from an anonymous duo!

Yet again another evening spent in good company, fine food, wine and song! Hope to do it all again sometime in the near future!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Motori Italiani

Motori Italiani saw yet another successful IMSMC display after Marconi as a group was a huge success..

The Rosehill racetrack was re-furnished to present the second Motori Italiani event.

Our vehicles made for a great display. The weekend started early on Friday morning, adjusting washing and polishing our cars as we were invited to the media launch at 1pm so we all wanted to be in position prior to attending the launch…….And launch they did in true Italian style food, wine ,women ,song and dance… The atmosphere was set for a great weekend, the food served at the launch was delectable olives, capsicum in fine virgin olive oil and bocconcini cheese.. The parmesan “parmeggiano” block was a huge success as piece by piece was wedged off the main block and slowly devoured and washed down with a great palatable red wine from South Australia, as the music was played at the correct level and the singing was sensational! Not forgetting that all the while we were surrounded by many expensive Italian cars.

The IMSMC display was set up in no time and all cars were in place by 5pm on the friday.

IMSMC member’s vehicles were well set out in a semicircular array behind the flag creating a backdrop setting.

The last car in was Gerardo Mediati’s beautifully restored Fiat 695 Abarth, which would later be unveiled to a roaring crowd.


Quite Possibly the largest Italian Flag in the country was draped magnificently above the display of Fiat 850 spyders, the cars and flag complemented each other reflecting the colours of the Italian flag.

Saturday morning saw the start of people passing the display as the day progressed the flow of people increased. Our display area and table was alive and well! Persons passing were admiring the cars and no shortage of questions entailed…This constant stream of people ensured that our members were busy both entertaining and answering questions about our vehicles and our club.

Renee Di Rocco amongst other members sold caps, shirts, model cars and motorbikes..

Breakfast lunch and dinner were at no particular times but the array of foods available needs to be told.. we had arancini, chorizo sausages, Italian sausages with hot chillies, deep fried calamari rings with bbq’d baby octopus, coffee long short or otherwise and the Italian gelato giotto was great… smooth and tasty.. Roberto at euro sec gave a bottle of wine to drink “prosecco” a white sparkling wine that is consumed prior to eating lunch or dinner a good habit to get into and it appears to be all the rage in Italy…. “everybody wants to be an Italian”.

However, much to the dismay of many of many IMSMC members, the staff at Rosehill were not very receptive in keeping the bar open… It was upstairs and out of sight they tried to keep it a well kept secret. Maybe they knew the Italian made club members would be in the vicinity. Fortunatly members brought some of their own homebrew and we survived….

Finally we unveiled Gerardos car, the unveiling attracted a large crowd of enthusiasts and they were rewarded with viewing a fine piece of beautifully restored Italian motor vehicle.

The entertainment continued with Joe Avati setting the scene and revealing a few home truths about a true “Italian” upbringing, although many laughed it was deadly serious when we were growing up, thanks Nonna!

The Sunday started with a large double shot cappuccino as we arrived at the display the cleaners were admiring our cars.

The auction held in the main pavilion did not fair to well with Vic Larusso blaring off, I thought he was in his helicopter trying to get above the noise of the chopper and telling us about the traffic report! At least… that’s how he came across.

The entertainment continued throughout the day but alas, all good things come to an end.

We advised the security staff we were ready to leave, all things organised tables stowed, merchandise packed, flags and banner folded all members assisted in pushing the vehicles out the doors of the main hall to an awaiting audience as the vehicles fired up and left the hall under their own power they applauded… I must say some exhausts fitted to the cars had a fine note attached to them…

All round, an excellent weekend that saw yet another highly successful IMSMC event. Our display of vehicles was unparalleled and I think all members were most satisfied with the result!

Until next time!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Festa Della Republica @ Club Marconi.

Sunday the 25th of May 2008 IMSMC members gathered on the soccer field of club Marconi to celebrate Italy's official 62nd birthdate of her republic.

This event saw our first merchandise stall run by Oriana De Iulio, Renee Di Rocco & Maria Losinno! A special mention to "il commericalista" Joe Lecce who sucessfully, practically singlehandedly sold over 20 Model Fiat 500's plus a further array of Italian model Vespas, Ducatti's & Alfa Romeo's!!

Charlie and Maria Losinno brought along thier newly aquired 1950 Topolino! A serious attraction throughout the day! Congratulations on such a beautiful car!
Our club cars attracted many visitors, so many people shared with us a story about their adventures of yesteryear involving classic Italian made cars.

Many thanks to Club Marconi for providing us with a vast array of Italian
cusine. Including wine, cakes, arancini and traditional Italian pannini e

The day concluded with a massive fireworks display and an interesting drive home!

Unfortunatly Garribaldi didnt make a guest appearance! but sent me a photo instead.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Italian Connection Honour Guard!

Several members of IMSMC took part in a historic event on the morning of the 23rd of May.

The Italian connection rally is in the spirit of the Mille Miglia 1,000 Rally across Europe which this year began just one week ago in Italy.The rally is a three day event that for the first time will link Australia’s two most famous Little Italy precincts - Norton Street, Leichhardt and Lygon Street, Melbourne.

After few traffic hassles (as can be expected traveling into Leichardt at 8am!) we made our way to the forum underground car park, amid media, celebrities and car enthusiasts alike!

At around 11am, we were given then go ahead by organizers to follow the entrants of the rally through the streets of Leichardt and onto the Freeway toward Melbourne.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jazz Under The Pines.

A group of IMSMC members visited the pines in fresh Dural for an afternoon of jazz brought to us by Eric Holroyd’s Hotshotz. The weather was chilly and Mr. Holroyds band played memorable tunes from the jazz era of the 1920’s to the mid 1940’s, including tunes by Louis Armstrong, Bix Beiderbecke Django Reinhardt, and Glenn Miller. It was a truly eclectic experience!

On site a number of us wandered over to the tour the colonial house belonging to the Roughley family. The Roughley family story in Australia began in 1817 when Joseph Roughley and his son James were convicted of theft and given a 7-year sentence of transportation to Australia. Five generations lived in this same house! The final family resident, Gordon “Clive” Roughley, sold the property to Baulkham Hills Shire Council for $1 so that it would be maintained as a living history of colonial life in The Hills and remain accessible to the public. Clive used to look forward to Jazz days where he would sit on the front verandah, listen to the music and chat to visitors about his house, the tour guide explained.

Yet again an excellent day passed us by in great company while listening to some extraordinary music!