Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Motorfest 2009.

The first event of 2009 for the Italian made social motoring club took place on the 26th of January, the NRMA Motorfest.

By 9am the Domain car park, was filled with the noise of cars, big and small. Exhausts billowed copious amounts of unleaded petrol into the
air, horns blasted on cars and members of clubs greeted each other warmly over a cup of coffee and a free sausage sizzle provided by Granville rotary association.

10 members partook in Motorfest and the IMSMC displayed their cars on the corner of Hunter and Macquarie streets. Our club dis
play fanned around these two streets and certainly provided visitors with a great deal of nostalgia. Many observers passed comments along the lines of “Wow!” “I love it!” “What an awesome display!”

The IMSMC display caused many visitors to stop and touch!! Members were constantly answering questions about their cars to interested passers by. One member noticed that throughout the day his car was affectionately stroked by reminiscing people, both young and old who then shared their own piece of motoring history with us.

There was a constant source of entertainment throughout the day. Music, food & wine, was prolific throughout Hyde Park with jazz for the adults and Alvin and the chipmunks for the children performing throughout the day.
Food from all corners on the globe was sampled ensuring that everyone was happy with the diversity.

Like all good things the day passed by swiftly, many people commented on the formation of our club and wasted no time asking membership application details, lifting our club profile.

The NRMA issued 4500 invitations this year and 1700 filled within the first three days. The event gets bigger and bigger every year with more and more cars falling under the heading “classic” we hope that next year even more members register in time; for this iconic event held during the festival of Sydney.