Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bobbin Head Picnic 2015

Sunday the 20th of September saw members and family attend our Long awaited Bobbin Head BBQ picnic. The weather looked as though it was not going to be on "our side" yet it turned out to be a very pleasant day! The Gas BBQ's were turned on providing some warmth, while we were protected from the elements under shelter known as "The Station".

As the morning progressed, many members, family and friends began arriving... the famous courtesies extended toward each other; offerings of Coffee, cake, then salami, cheese, cake... it all began to happen!!!!

It was obvious that lunch time was approaching as Esky's and portable webers, ovens, the gentle waft of marinated meats, sausages, onion

 Once again, like a scene out of Italia, our cars were parked next to our gathering, attracting the attention of the public. many passers by explaining that their first car was a Fiat, an Alfa (wish I still had it) was the common cry!... our cars looked great too!

Ball games, card games, fishing, discussion and the famous laughter all contributed to a wonderful day at the iconic Kuringai National Park!

Also on Sunday, The Burwood "SPRING FESTIVAL" was held at Burwood park. Unfortunately, we had a clash of dates! Club Representatives “The Losinno’s” attended in Full Club attire!Congratulations to member Charlie Losinno, who was awarded the best 1950’s Vehicle, with his 1950 Topolino. Congratulations Charlie!

A great day had by all.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Concorso D'eleganza

On Sunday the 13th of September, 56  IMSMC members were present, 52 IMSMC cars were displayed (Concorso and Show n’ Shine combined) at the annual Concorso d’Eleganza held at Gough Whitlam Park.
Sydney turned on the perfect Spring day. The colours of our cars adding to the vibrant atmosphere.
All members are to be congratulated on the manner in which their cars were presented. A huge thank you to the number of members that assisted in the day. It was like a “working Bee” as stalls, flags, banners , tables and “The Cars” were set up in the morning, each contributing to a fantastic day. The same being required at the end of the day as well.
Our stall boasted the “tre-colori”, the Italian Made Logo beaming across the field, as our trophies glistened in the sun!
A Huge thank you to our sub-committee and judges for organising a perfect day. Mick & Cate Stivala, Nat Stillone, Rick Capollino, Gerardo Mediati & Vince Li Vaccari – THANK YOU!
Our results are listed on our web site. If it were possible, EVERY MEMBER deserves the Biggest Trophy – as everyone participating in the “spirit of the day” noticeable to passionisti alike!
It was a welcomed thought, in discussion, as someone pointed out, “It’s a great day, to see these cars and friends sharing the day. The biggest reward is seeing a very large group of young people  sharing in the same. The children of our members & Friends!” We always encourage the involvement of our family & friends and it’s great to see this!
A special mention to member Leo Di Rocco, who had a mechanical incident on the way to concorso (it’s a historic motoring thing!). By hook or by crook, there was no way that his FIAT 600 was not going to be part of the 60th anniversary display. He performed a miracle, getting his car home, on a trailer and made his way to the concorso, all the same. A special effort reflecting “The Passion!”.
At the start of the Trophy presentation, our club presented member Brad Aitken with a $200 donation as sponsorship toward research for MS. Brad is participating in the Sydney to Wollongong (The Gong Ride!) in November. We thank our sponsors & members allowing such donations to take place.
Member Emanuel Ziino (and sponsor of our event), presented a wonderful 1965 Maserati Sebring. This car was elected by the 4 Presidents of respective clubs as the “Concorso Car of The Day!” This is the first time, in the 20+ year history of the event, that not a FIAT, nor ALFA, nor LANCIA has won this category. The presidents had no hesitation in awarding an “ITALIAN MADE” car, the award! Congratulations Emanuel and congratulations “ITALIAN MADE!” Our club member and club emblem, is now embossed on the perpetual trophy!
Thank you to everyone that participated, organised, assisted and shared in a great event!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Griffith Sausage Festa.

On the weekend of Sat, the 29th of August, 35 of our members & family participated in the Sausage Festival of Griffith.
 11 Classics gathered for the drive, completing over 1100km’s in 3 days.
Our cavalcade to one of the major country towns was a “drivers delight”. Each vehicle maintaining correct speeds, occupying the remote roads of country NSW. What a sight! Our first visit was to the Gademo meat works, where we were greeted by a large number of visitors enjoying the local cuisine & hospitality; everyone swarming to our cars for a closer look. It was wonderful to have met up with friends and associates of IMSMC – amazing who you find in Griffith!
Member Graham Smith arranged “an economy run” of this event, where classic drivers, needed to “guesstimate their miles per gallon” for the run. This certainly had the drivers wondering and although we “thought” we knew our vehicles, the different driving conditions can provide different results! Well done to member Joe Scarcella who “almost” got it right! Graham and Jan Smith awarding him with a fine drop and model of a classic 500!
On Saturday night, we gathered at the Hanwood sports club for more festivities. We also celebrated a few Birthdays on the night, which added to the atmosphere!
On Sunday, The sausage Festival was in full swing, with 1000 guests enjoying song, dance and Festivities. Our MC’s were well known celebrities (TV personality) and Lyndey Milan (celebrity chef) John Mangos (TV personality). Our club arranged a display of our classics, again attracting volumes of discussion and admiration.
A fantastic weekend, full of driving, fun, FRIENDSHIP and we MUST HIGHLIGHT GRIFFITHIAN HOSPITALITY!