Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Christmas Lunch 2021

Sunday the 28th of November saw 120 adults plus children participate in the IMSMC christmas lunch at Il Piatto restaurant.

Obviously everyone one was super keen to catch up, as most arrived half hour early, which was great, we all had so much to catch up on and we hadn't seen each other in such a long time.

It was loud ! With discussion and laughter throughout the afternoon. Before long the food was served. Our compliments to the young staff of Il Piatto, as they efficiently served and catered to our needs.

We had a visit from Santa, to the delight of the children (we even had some other children from another function take the opportunity to receive a gift from Santa!) - Well done IMSMC!! (oh, thanks Santa, for your "adult" style entertainment!)

Our raffle was extremely well supported by everyone attendance - always offering entertainment.

Coffee and cake ( Made by Frank Roccisano of Siderno Pasticceria) was served concluding a GREAT DAY!

2021 has been another Challenging year, but we got there!

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Dom Panino

On Sunday the 7th of November, exactly 30 of our members (How about that!) gathered at Dom Panino for breakfast.

The weather wasn't looking good, but fortunately, it turned out fine, with adequate 

shelter provided by the venue and then the rain stopped.  It was fantastic to finally have the opportunity to "catch up", as the conversations were plentiful between our  familiar family, members and friends. 

Before long, the breakfast orders were placed (excellent food - thanks Dom). Each attendee received a complimentary coffee, offered by IMSMC. May we HIGHLY recommend the coffee - Doms finest creation!

 Before long, Emmanuel & Gina, invited the participants to view their wonderful collection in the Magaziino. Always a delight - very pleasing to the eyes and hearts of the passionatos!

Such a relief to catch up with so many members... The year 2021,  we hope will conclude Covid Free, with traditional gatherings with such a great mob!