Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pizza at Cucina Viscontini

The IMSMC gathered for a pizza night at Cucina Viscontini on Friday 24th July 2009.
Members and respective families began to arrive around 7.00pm, some driving their historic cars and others with their every day cars.

We gathered in front of the restaurant until everyone was at the restaraunt. An outstanding result as a total of 43 members and friends attended. At this stage we started making our way in and took our seats where a total of three long tables were prepared for our use.
While waiting for the pizzas we had a few drinks and engaged in conversation with our fe
llow members and friends.

Pizzas were served and the club consumed approximately 35 various pizzas!

Everyone had an enjoyable evening and passed compliments on the night. The boys had a few laughs with Gerardo about his 'remote control Fiat 500' which was running on its own.

( If you ever lose your accelerator cable, A good trick to get out of traffic is to wind up your idle screw...try and keep up with your car of-course!!)

Most members and friends left around 10.45pm. Thank you to Cucina Viscontini and for the attendance of so many members with their families!!