Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Motori D’Italia

Sunday 28th September saw several members of the IMSMC display their cars at the classic Italian motorcycle association show & shine at Club Italia at Lansvale.

Sunday dawned fine & warm, a perfect spring day!!

We had a very pleasant drive, enjoying the exhaust note with the windows down, arriving at Lansvale just before 9am.

With the cars being displayed in manufacturers order, we parked the Alfa & joined the other members in setting up the banner & club table.

Together IMSMC had a total of six cars on display on the day:

-Adrian’s Alfa

-Charlie’s Toppolino

-Gerardo’s Abarth 695

-Joe had both his 500 & His Punto

-Phillip’s 500

-David Johnstons' 500

-Joel's 124

There was a constant stream of motorbikes with all makes well represented.

Unfortunately for the cars some of the more expensive marques weren’t represented at all.

There were 5 Alfa’s, 2 Detomaso Pantera’s, 18 Fiat’s, 1 Lancia, & 3 Maseratis in total.

There was a steady flow of interested lookers only too willing to share their memories of their time with their Italian car.

We enjoyed some of the beautiful sunny weather & had some excitement when a small grassfire broke out not far from us, which bought out the Rural fire service to extinguish.

For those looking for some shade there were some nice shady areas around the motorbike displays, or, you could enjoy watching the Bocce tournament, or enjoy a cold Beverage in the club.

Before too long it was time for presentation & it was a credit to Gerardo to be awarded best Fiat on the day for his lovely Abarth 695.Congratulations to Gerardo on his award.

It was a very nice relaxing day with the club display looking good & plenty of people showing interest in the club.

A special thank you for Adrian King who provided the write up and photos for this event.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Burwood Classic

Sunday the 7th of September, FATHERS DAY 2008, 12 IMSMC members arranged their cars, "by special arrangement", on Park Avenue at Burwood and participated in The Burwood Council Spring Festival "CLASSIC SHOW & SHINE"
The weekend looked like it would be a "wash out" as Saturday was full of RAIN! - Then, right on queue, Sunday morning was mild, with sunshine and blue skies.
Burwood's main road was mass of activity - coffee shops, restaurants and around 100 classic cars..
Needless to say, Our display attracted a great deal of interest....so much so, that during the presentations at the conclusion of the day, our club and "The Losinno Topolino" was given a special mention - TWICE IN FACT by the president of CMC, Kathleen Toovey.
Burwood park itself was filled with amusement rides, stalls, face painting for the children and food from all parts of the world. It is estimated that around 50 000 people visited the festival throughout the day.
A great day which was enjoyed by all, and gave our club great exposure and a wonderful opportunity to shine, drive and display our cars and maintain the awareness of "those classic Italian Cars" on our Aussie Roads.

One person visiting our display said, "They must be Italian cars - that one has the Italian stripes on it." Meanwhile, pointing at Bruno Bartolotti's 500!

See you at the next event!