Thursday, December 17, 2009

IMSMC Christmas Party @ La Vigna

Sunday the 6th of December, 120 members, family & friends attended the annual IMSMC Christmas lunch at La Trattoria, La Vigna. La Vigna is a new restaurant in Camden, specialising in Italian Cuisine.

The IMSMC crew created a profound "Atmosphera Italiana". Our cars were parked in front of a perfect backdrop, 5 acres grapevines sprawling behind them. It looked like a postcard from Monte Pulciano D'Abbruzzo!!

A wonderful service provided by Restaurateur Gianni Roccisano - Pizza with dips, Seafood platter, Penne Napoletane, Spaghetti Marinara, 300gms Scotch fillet - and abundance of Salad and bread, Ice cream and coffee!

We were privileged by a SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE by SANTA CLAUSE! Every one received a Mini Pandoro and each of the children received a Christmas stocking from Santa.

Merry Christmas Ladies & Gentlemen. 2009 has been a very fast year, complete with your enthusiasm, passion and participation. Many thanks for all the VERY hard work by our committee.

Stay Safe, be healthy and bring on 2010.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Picnic at Bobbin head

Sunday the 11th of October, saw over 90 members and family of IMSMC come together for a big Italian Picnic! What a day! The weather couldn’t make up its mind, with sun and rain on and off all day, but under the cover of “The Station” all was good. Good and bad, the weather would not stand in the way of making the event a huge success.

Wine, Food and more glorious food!

The day started wonderfully for the Di Rocco contingent. We were powering down the M4 when the Fiat 850 Spyder decided to stop running. After the usual checks we discovered the petrol “la Benzina” was not going into the carburettor!! Why is it so? The needle seat had come loose (probably vibrations) and the float had jammed shut, hence no flow. Success! Onwards and upwards, and on our way…Unfortunately this made us a little late.

The cars performed well along the M4, M7 and then Pennant Hills Road. Down the escarpment, the mighty machines negotiated the sharp bends like true thoroughbreds.

When we arrived all were busy setting up the picnic area. The area resembled a scene from star wars; everyone was busy and waiting for the imminent attack!

Gas barbeques in the undercover area were on; charcoal and wood burning barbeques just outside The Station perimeter were on and ready to go!

A special Thankyou must be made for the ladies and members who presented an array of homemade cakes including carrot cake, tiramisu, almond biscuits and crostoli.
Most of us were full before we started the barbeque lunch, nibbling on all the foods that were on offer, no one went hungry!

The coffee was espresso and plentiful! By now, all barbeques were fired up and ready to go, and out came the culinary delights. Homemade (spectacular) pork sausages, steaks of every shape, size and cut, salads of every description, home made chilli sauces and afterwards coffee yet again, this time with grappa!

Kathleen Toovey and husband Trevor accepted our invitation and participated in our picnic. Nice to see them both -They certainly enjoyed our Pannini and a glass of our "signature" shed red!

After lunch, everyone became involved in a game of Soccer! Some played, most watched, while others adjudicated. Discussion, laughter and indigestion were the only sounds that could be heard coming from “The Station”.

A group of our members lost themselves on the wireless laptop trying to decide on a FIAT colour for Joe Lecce’s 1100 project. ”I reckon original colour!!... No, No!!.. It has to be red!! White would be nice…” head spins! Anyhow Joe knows the colour his wife wants…

Charlie Losinno lost the shirt of his back but only to let another member try it on.

Well the day had gotten away from us by now and it was time to pack up. All stowed, one last coffee and we were all homeward bound.
Our events are being attended by greater numbers of family and fiends. This is great to see. A great bunch of enthusiasts. We hope to see you all at the next event. Thankyou everyone!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Burwood Festival: Classic Car Show & Shine '09.

Sunday the 19th of September was a spectacular day. The weather was fine and conducive to IMSMC participating in another grand event, The Burwood Festival's Classic Show & Shine in support of the Burwood state emergency services.

19 IMSMC vehicles, together with their owners, families and friends enjoyed an atmosphere filled with cars, food and entertainment.
200 cars of all shapes and sizes were displayed in the centre of Burwood along Burwood road.
As we approached our display areas
, we were directed by members of the SES into our positions. The cars lined up looked very smart and were well presented.

Our display certainly attracted the greatest number of visitors with the Papparazzi shuffling for pole position. Everyone wanted a photo in a 500!

Compliments to Rando and Anna Finochiaro on their well presented ice cream truck, we hope to see them at every big event in Sydney.

The ice cream was a huge success with the crowd.
There were several stalls representing many foods from a wide spectrum of cultures.

The Budhists were represented and they told me to tell you all "to be good to each other".

Some members mingled with the crowd and other car owners, others went shopping in Westfield and surrounding shops, other members were seen enjoying a refreshing ale and some members had a bet on the horse in the TAB.

There were many activities to keep people occupied throughout the day, a band called "The Beatels" all the songs were famous Beatles classics! They were Fantastic! The band dressed in the classic Beatles style suits and pointed shoes and later changed into Sergeant Pepper outfits.

At the conclusion of the day Lloyd Jamieson made us proud as his car, the red PUP-500, was judged best 1960's car at the show, well done and congratulations Lloyd!

The mayor of Burwood joined for a photo opportunity with some of our members in front of our display.. Even the Police on duty were not safe as Fillippo Foti brought them into our fold to participate in our display.

Once again a very successful event, we look forward to seeing you at the next one!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Eastern Creek Classic 2009

Sunday the 22nd of August was a glorious winters day for the Italian Made Social Motoring Club that showed up in great style to the Shannon's Eastern Creek Classic.

In total 29 IMSMC vehicles turned out and made a spectacular display, many familes and friends joined together to look around at the various types of classic cars on display during the day. From Mustangs to Mg's, Military vehicles and the old Sydney buses crusing around the track all day. There was something for everyone.

The Fiat 500 contingent was well represented and many visitors to our display commented on the vast selection of colours and models of this Italian classic. One visitor coined the term "carburation ally".

The day was filled with excitement, and at around 1:30pm it was our turn to take the classics for a spin around the race track! Our cars went wild, and performed perfectly... less can be said about a poor MG that broke down one hundred metres from the start line!

After a fun filled day at Eastern creek, A few members decided to finish their day with a "refresing ale" at the Cricketers Arms Hotel, behind the old Blacktown drive in. After a drink or two, we each went our separate ways at the conclusion of another brilliant event!

We hope to see even more members at next years Eastern Creek Classic!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ferro Agosto, Five dock 2009

What a magnificent day! 18 IMSMC vehicles gathered and met at the office works car park on Parramatta road and then made our way down Parramatta road to Great North Road Five dock where our cars were assembled. The line of classic cars and their entrance to the display area was very colourful and impressive.

The day was filled with food, music, drink and many other forms of entertainment from dancing girls to master chefs cooking for the crowd and other stalls selling their wares from almond nougat to continental cakes..

Many visitors were impressed with our cars not only in the way they were presented but in the way they had been restored and cared for. Half our display was made up of the mighty FIAT 500 of various models from various years.

Member Fillippo Foti patrolled our display area as people who just can’t help themselves have the urge touch our cars! It’s as if they would like to start an Italian love affair and every now and then you would hear “hey this is not a car yard keep your hands off” and they would quickly wake up from their trance!

It is wonderful to see so many members that had other commitments, that weren’t able to attend with their cars, come to the festa and visit the club stand. Thanks guys! It appeared that members Nina and Nat Stillone knew just about every person that visited our display.

Our club stall was inundated with many people purchasing all of our club merchandise! Our club merchandise sold extremely well, in fact we sold out of hats!

It was a bizarre sight to behold total strangers wearing our IMSMC hats!

Member Renee Di Rocco was part of the volunteer staff and assisted Canada Bay council with keeping the crowd under control. She was fitted out with cap, vest and two way radio and was quickly inducted and let loose. We are told that Renee carried out her duties well and was a great ambassador for our club.

At 4pm we were given the go ahead to pack up our stall and get ready to move off! After such a warm and full day of activity members efficiently packed up the stall and returned to their cars for the trip home.

Member Leo Di Rocco snapped the accelerator cable on his 695 on the way home; luckily it occurred on the freeway not in suburbia, a slight adjustment to the throttle and cruised home slowly. Member Gerardo Mediati lost his IMSMC cap through the sun roof of his 695 on the freeway. No stopping or going back as the traffic was very heavy, no problem the committee has ordered a new cap and is on its way!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Scalabrini Village

On Sunday the 9th of August, The IMSMC created a small static display at the Scalabrini Village, Austral.

We met at Austral shopping centre and then made our way through to the Village, with immediate impact. Very quickly, many visitors gathered and began to gaze upon our classic Italian cars of yesteryear.

We saw New member Anthony Campisi's beautiful 500F - Nice car Anthony. We also met Anthony's 2 sons - We wish Anthony well and look forward to seeing the 2 Abarths that his sons told me they want!!!!

A special mention to Joel Stillone for representing part of the "younger crew" of the IMSMC on the day. Thanks for your help Joel! Joel always takes awesome photos for use on the club website and archives.

A highlight of our display was, New member Joe Losinno and his 1982 Alfa GTV. This car has OVER 800 000 KM on the clock - with original Motor!! Thanks Joe!

Mastermind Joe Lecce has put the Club on the map! Joe organised to escort an opera singer in his 500, to centre stage - while the opera singer, Mr Graeme Wright sang from Joe's 500, all the while standing through the sunroof. People gathered around Joe's car and danced, clapped and cheered. It absolutely brought the house down!

Certainly a fun afternoon...One which will most certainly claim to be a Joe Lecce signature event! We hope to see you all at the next event.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

IMSMC Annual General Meeting 2009

Friday Night the 7th of August our AGM was held.

40 members & guests participated in a "social night" where our first "ballot" was held to elect a new committee.

The 2009 - 2010 Committee is as follows;

President: John Di Rocco 0408 476 408

Vice President: Charlie Losinno 0418 862 477

Secetary: Lino De Iulio 0416 230 477

Treasurer: Leo
Di Rocco 0408 460 526

Committee 1: Joe Lecce 0403 652 589

Committee 2:Oriana De Iulio 0416 288 311

Committee 3: Maria Losinno 0418 267 255

Leo Di Rocco was nominated and accepted the responsibility of "Historic Plates Registrar".

New members were introduced...they each told us of their Italian Motor Vehicles.

William Gallo walked the cat walk, modelling the IMSMC Jacket - thanks to Williams nonchalant exhibitionism, the jacket sales went through the roof!!

The night progressed with a complimentary pasta meal - Tortellini Boscaiola and Penne Casalinga, chilli and parmesan cheese of course!

Later in the evening, a lucky door prize and raffle was held. Two "genuine OEM New Fiat 500 models", were offered by our Club sponsor - TURIN IMPORTS.
A 500 "classic" model and limited edition cinquecento Keyring was offered by "The spare place" and IMSMC.

Smiles and laughter were certainly the flavour of the night.

The Old & New committee would like to thank the members for the level of enthusiasm and participation at our club events throughout 2008/2009. This has certainly lead to the significant growth and success of Italian Made Social Motoring Club.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pizza at Cucina Viscontini

The IMSMC gathered for a pizza night at Cucina Viscontini on Friday 24th July 2009.
Members and respective families began to arrive around 7.00pm, some driving their historic cars and others with their every day cars.

We gathered in front of the restaurant until everyone was at the restaraunt. An outstanding result as a total of 43 members and friends attended. At this stage we started making our way in and took our seats where a total of three long tables were prepared for our use.
While waiting for the pizzas we had a few drinks and engaged in conversation with our fe
llow members and friends.

Pizzas were served and the club consumed approximately 35 various pizzas!

Everyone had an enjoyable evening and passed compliments on the night. The boys had a few laughs with Gerardo about his 'remote control Fiat 500' which was running on its own.

( If you ever lose your accelerator cable, A good trick to get out of traffic is to wind up your idle screw...try and keep up with your car of-course!!)

Most members and friends left around 10.45pm. Thank you to Cucina Viscontini and for the attendance of so many members with their families!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Thankyou Nonno & Nonna

On Sunday the 28th of June, members of IMSMC participated in a fund raiser at the Blacktown Civic Centre.

The event was one persons way of showing appreciation to the many migrants that settled in the Blacktown area. Funds raised on the day were donated to the Muscular Dystrophy foundation.

Our club donated an IMSMC PACK - containing a shirt, visor, patch & wall clock - the value of the package exceeded $100. Our prize contributed to the raffle which raised a significant amount of money, for a very worthwhile cause.

Eight club cars arrived on the day, and created a great deal of nostalgia for the older Italians who came along to the fund raiser, many visitors pausing and reflecting on the "good old days".
As we are aware, Italians are such good "story tellers" - and let me tell you, some of the stories on the day were really good!

Good company & good food were conducive to a great afternoon. The Club Marconi Choir provided aural entertainment. Later in the afternoon, guests were privileged to be entertained by a professional opera singer, who sang some classic Italian opera numbers & local dance groups put on a number of floor shows for all to enjoy.

In all, a relaxing afternoon spent in good company for a worthwhile cause.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Saturday the 13th of June saw members of IMSMC join in the festivities at The Waterfront Homebush.
Our club was instrumental in creating a display at the "Festa Italiana" involving around 100 Italian motor vehicles and bikes!

Many thanks to the following clubs that accepted and participated in a most memorable day.

- Ferrari drivers club
- Lancia Drivers club
- Ducati Motorbike club
- Classic Italian motor bike club of Australia
- Scooter community

The day included many merchandise stalls selling Italian confectionery and produce.How good were the cannoli! The arrancini?, the salsice?. The wine tasting stall proved to be most popular.
There was certainly an "Atmosfera Italiana" we even had a piano accordion player entertaining us on request.

As the "Tarantella" was played we saw two members start to move their legs.
The accordionist played a rendition from "Rocky" and two of our members lifted their arms, and started to jog around the piazza... fortunately when the stopped they found themselves infront of the wine stall.
The Italian Made Social Motoring Club would like to thank Mr. Lou Casmiri from the "Piazza Committee" for allowing IMSMC the opportunity to invite all the Italian motor clubs and create a great "Giornata Italiana".

We hope this is to become a yearly event!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Festa della Republica Marconi 2009

The people called “Republic, Republic” Caesar was not pleased... The Romans did not care for one hundred days of festivities were offered to the people along with wine, food and song. It took another 2000 years and finally a Republic was pronounced.

In true style IMSMC members turned out to celebrate and enjoy yet another Italian event... The vehicles assembled and were arranged on the soccer fields of the Marconi Stallions and wasn’t our colourful display spectacular! The 18 vehicles created a true attraction; the cars looked great in their resplendent period colours.

The weather looked menacing and amazingly the skies remained clear all day! Amazingly not a drop of rain, the weather held out! “Good things come to good people”. Even so, we were located on hallowed ground the Marconi Stallion’s soccer field and probably one of the best drained soccer fields in the Sydney Metropolitan area. Against all odds we started a day that turned out to be the usual drinking, dancing and singing, normal things when it comes to an Italian festa.

The vehicles attracted large crowds throughout the day, and the usual questions were met by the members in good conversation. During the day we all indulged in many delicacies that were on offer. All fine foods, some homemade, pastries, cakes and pizzas, a fine selection of prosciutto and pork sausage products all accompanied by many fine wines and imported Italian beer.

We would like to thank the IMSMC members who looked after the stall throughout the day, those that baked all week and prepared some very fine edibles to sell to the public. All day the stall was go, go, go, and the members involved sold everything until it was all gone, none left, too late, come back next year and look for our logo! A very special thankyou to members Maria Losinno, Tia Stillone, Nina Stillone, Mina Di Marti, Caterina Lecce, Oriana De Iulio and Renee Di Rocco!

Finally the day ended with a fantastic fireworks display, one that always keeps the crowd lingering all day at Club Marconi for the grand finale!

As the grounds were being prepared for the fireworks display the automated sprinkler system was activated and several IMSMC vehicles were sprayed with water, for those that were not aware It was part of the day, you all have heard of “the blessing of the fleet”.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


On Friday morning, 22nd May 2009, our club participated in a static display (within the Leichhardt Council carpark) and then Cavalcaded through the streets of Leichhardt, marking the start of ICT.

ICT is a rally involving Italian Cars (Historic & Modern) rallying form Norton Street Leichhardt, Sydney to Lygon Street Carlton , Melbourne. Along the way they visit Italian Communities in Goulburn, Myrtleford & Albury. With a huge "Festa" in Melbourne, on the Saturday Night!

The morning began with a "cappuccino", photo shoot and an address from the mayor of Leichhardt. The mayor expressed his desire to "keep the vehicle" that was parked in the Mayors car spot!..This car ended up being our Presidents 1000 OT spider...A hand shake and a quiet word ensued instead...

At 10:00am the "New 500 Police Car" lead the cavalcade through the streets of Leichhardt. The rally had begun! Joe Lecce, in his beautiful 1969 500F was the first classic in the cavalcade, followed by Vince Livaccari's "exotic" 124, then Michael De Iulio's 128, Alessandro Di Rocco's 850 series 2, Leo Di Rocco in his 695 Abarth esse esse and John Di Rocco in his 1000 OT Abarth spider - A cavalcade that highlighted the diversity of some of the Historic Italian Motor Cars!

The event organisers have expressed their gratitude and have welcomed the presence of IMSMC at next years event... maybe some of our members would like to join the Rally in 2010?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Voglia Di Pane

Sunday the 17th of May saw members of IMSMC displayed their wonderful cars on national motoring heritage day at the Voglia Di Pane bakery, The weather was stupendous and no one could have asked for a more glorious autumn day!

The Imsmc arrived and the party started! The area was abuzz with people, owners, proprietors and friends all of whom were getting the final preparations for the festa in place.

After the usual greetings the cars were lined up in parking spots in front of the bakery and surrounding shops

We were greeted with a complimentary cup of coffee graciously donated by the owners of “Voglia di pane” Jade &David. The bakery had a wide range of Italian bread, from very crusty loaves to specialised gourmet loaves. Many members and friends bought the products and before long the bread and other goodies were all sold out! As they say “The early bird catches the worm”.

At around midday, the mayor of Guildford addressed the crowd and by the sounds of things he was rather impressed with the festivities!

Charlie aka jelly belly the clown, kept the children and the big children entertained throughout the day, a bracket of fine music and song was carried out by a brilliant performer, the crowd was entertained with some old classics and you could really feel the Italian vibe.

As the day progressed, the bakery owners came around the crowd with complimentary gourmet olive bread and fresh cold meat, mortadella (Italian Devon, only better!) was offered. Needless to say at this point, there were smiles all round. A good glass of red wine was used in most cases to wash it all down and a good drop at that!

Lunch consisted of fine Italian pork sausages with fennel served in a “ciabbatta” roll, very nice and certainly very tasty

The Imsmc would like to thank our friends from the Maserati club for coming to this event with their fine Italian automobiles. Vehicle of the day went to owner Roland, with his 1972 Maserati Merak SS a timeless piece of Italian engineering.

Our 500’s and Topolino attracted the usual aficionados and their aspirations of perhaps someday owning one. The festivities this year at Voglia Di Pane bakery, has set the stage for a bigger and better event next year!

The lucky door prize was a fine bottle of red wine was won by a friend of the Losinno family, the lucky winner stated that she did not need anyone to help her with drinking the prize!

The proprietors of “Voglia Di Pane” would like to thank all that turned up to celebrate their first birthday and making it such a great day!