Thursday, December 17, 2009

IMSMC Christmas Party @ La Vigna

Sunday the 6th of December, 120 members, family & friends attended the annual IMSMC Christmas lunch at La Trattoria, La Vigna. La Vigna is a new restaurant in Camden, specialising in Italian Cuisine.

The IMSMC crew created a profound "Atmosphera Italiana". Our cars were parked in front of a perfect backdrop, 5 acres grapevines sprawling behind them. It looked like a postcard from Monte Pulciano D'Abbruzzo!!

A wonderful service provided by Restaurateur Gianni Roccisano - Pizza with dips, Seafood platter, Penne Napoletane, Spaghetti Marinara, 300gms Scotch fillet - and abundance of Salad and bread, Ice cream and coffee!

We were privileged by a SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE by SANTA CLAUSE! Every one received a Mini Pandoro and each of the children received a Christmas stocking from Santa.

Merry Christmas Ladies & Gentlemen. 2009 has been a very fast year, complete with your enthusiasm, passion and participation. Many thanks for all the VERY hard work by our committee.

Stay Safe, be healthy and bring on 2010.