Wednesday, January 29, 2014

CARnivale 2014

Sunday the 26th of January, Australia Day, 21 x IMSMC cars participated in a Display at CARnivale.
Our FIAT 500 contingent was extremely well represented commemorating the presence of our guest, Domenico Romano. Domenico is the "founding member" of the worlds biggest mono model Car club in the world!
The FIAT 500 Club Italia. Domenico has developed a very close association with our club, following the visit to Garlenda (The home of the Fiat 500 Club Italia) of 13 x IMSMCists, in 2012 and his frequent visits to Australia. Nice to have you here Domenico and thank you for your very kind words toward our club and its members!
CARnivale certainly lived up to expectation with activities throughout, Macquarie street, College street, Hyde Park and everything inbetween the War Memmorial and Cirqular Quay. No better way to spend Australia Day in the city of Sydney, full of activities 2000 classic motor cars and free parking!
It was wonderful to see the large number of IMSMC members & family that visited throughout the day!
It seems that every IMSMC event "exposes" something new! Congratulations to Lino De Iulio & Family!!! They have acquired a 1969 FIAT 500F. Lino, she's a beauty, clean, straight an eye twister!!!!...and it's a 500!
Our club display occupied a good 40 meters on both sides of Macquarie street with members of the public amoungst our cars all Day. The paparazzi were certainly kept busy with the best subjects!!! We looked great, the cars too!!!
Well done IMSMC - Happy Australia Day!