Tuesday, December 2, 2014

IMSMC Christmas Party 2014.

On Sunday the 30th of November, 150 Family, members and friends celebrated Christmas 2014, at TerraNova Bar & Restaurant.
At approximately 11:30am, the carpark was transformed into Piazza Navona, with modern & classic Fiats, Alfa's, Lancia's,Ferrari's and a Lambourghini bi-colore occupying the car park! A special mention to member Joseph Scarcella, that presented for the first time, his newly acquired 1976 Alfetta (Alfa Romeo)...she's  a beauty Joseph. Worth the wait. Best in the country?
As members and guests indulged in a cool beverage and a great deal of discussion, the staff at Terranova served up antipasto, entree's and pizza. The apetite was on the increase with two types of pasta being served, then arrived the mains!
By this stage everyone had realised what they had come for, many finding it necessary to move outside for a bit of "digestion".
Before long, the bells were heard from a distance and a special guest...SANTA... made his appearance, providing all the children with a gift and a good will wish!
Our traditional club raffle was held and greatly supported by all. We thank our sponsors on the day; members; John & Leo Di Rocco, Frances & Gerardo Mediati, Nina & Nat Stillone, Grace & Nat Campisi, Oriana & Lino De Iulio, Cate & Michael Stivala, IMSMC and First Creek wines!
The traditional IMSMC cake was served "mille foglie" accompanied with an espresso - 150 espresso's actually!
A huge thankyou to the management & staff of TerraNova for their quality of food & service, both in abundance. A special thank you to all of our members for a memorable 2014. Your passion is rewarding and evident to our committee, who's passion is reflected in your participation and level of support offered by all.
Thanks for a FANTASTIC 2014...Bring on 2015. A very Merry CHRISTMAS to you all and may 2015 be one of your best years yet!

Buon Natale!