Monday, December 19, 2011

IMSMC in the Community.

IMSMC Visits Kindikids

On the 29th November 2011, 5 of our IMSMC members visited the Kindikids Early Learning Centres at Edensor Park. The purpose of the visit was to introduce the children to the Italian Made Social Motoring Club and teach them about our cars to further enhance the children’s awareness of the community.

155 children from the three Kindikids Centres participated in the day. Vice President Charlie Losinno, Committee Member Maria Losinno and Members Andy Mendes-Lopes, Tony Romeo and Giovanna Romeo talked to the children about the cars they brought along; including a 1986 Ferrari 328 GTB Koeing, 1960 Fiat 600 and 1950 Fiat Topolino. The children loved hearing about the interesting facts about these historic cars and were amazed how different they were compared to the cars of today.

A highlight of the day was to hear that the models of the cars in front of them appeared in the Disney Pixar Cars 2 movie; specifically characters ‘Luigi’ and ‘Mr Topolino’.

Many questions were asked on the day; including ‘how fast do these cars go?’, ‘How old is the car?’ The children are a very bright bunch, they surprised us around the facts they were giving us on thecars and they were challenging our thinking and made us laugh with their interesting comments.

Each of the children had the opportunity to explore the features of the cars and sit in each of the cars and have a photo. The Ferrari was a big hit, all the children were keen to sit in this ‘fast red racing car’. The horn on the Topolino got a big work out on the day, the children thought it sounded funny. Other children were happy to pile into the Fiat 600 and hang out of the sunroof.

The educators of Kindikids also had the opportunity to have their photo with the cars and enjoyed the ride even though it was for a couple of minutes.

We would like to thank the management, staff and children of Kindikids for the experience of sharing our cars with them, it was very rewarding to know that we made the day of many children and taught them about our cars. We hope we can share the same experience with any future Kindikids children and welcome the families to get involved in the Italian Made Social Motoring Club.

Write up and photos courtesy of Giovanna Romeo