Wednesday, December 6, 2017

IMSMC Christmas Party 2017

Sunday 3rd December, 157 members, family and friends attended our Christmas Lunch at TerraNova bar and restaurant.

The presentation of the restaurant was fantastic. The food and beverage was exquisite, the service was second to none! (I should mention there was an abundance of food!)

The day beginning with aperitifs while members mingled and shared in the experience. With a very brief Christmas cheer from our president, lunch was soon served (for the next 4 hours!)

Our club raffle was held, we thank all who donated. Every guest received a "Pandorino", compliments of our IMSMC

As the afternoon unfolded, we had a visit from Santa Claus, bringing good wishes to all... many of the children hitting heights of excitement.

Thank you to all who were in attendance. The atmosphere created by everyone, certainly highlights that our Club is alive and well. Bring on the next event... bring on 2018.