Monday, May 19, 2014

National Castagne Day 14

Sunday the 18th of May saw 18 IMSMC classics, celebrate National Motoring Heritage Day by descending to The Fraternity Club in Fairy Meadow (North Wollongong), to participate in National Castagne Day! The bringing together of two traditions & cultures.
8:00am saw the cavalry assemble at the Patridge VC rest area. Formalities in place and we were south bound. We had a stop, to absorb the views along the way. Our arrival at the club stimulating interest immediately.
The day was a traditional IMSMC day, with discussion, laughter and comradery throughout our visit. Each driver was given a complimentary lunch & drink voucher, which allowed us to have a steak sandwhich for breakfast and a particularly tasty "porchetta roll" for lunch.
Each of the food stalls were visited by the IMSMC army, sampling cuisine from around the globe. Of course the traditional coffee was in abundance! Che buon caffe'!
It is wonderful to see the IMSMC family grow. New member Joseph Scarcella presented his wonderful 1987 Alfa Romeo GTV6, "Grand Prix" what a great car Joseph! We thankyou for introducing your family to IMSMC - Welcome! We also were graced with the presence of Anthony Vecchio with his Fiat 500 - It has been a while Anthony, but worth the wait! Car looks & performs great!
As usual, all good things come to an end...but not before a 100km drive home after a great day!
Thankyou to "The Frat" they cannot over emphasise their appreciation of our support and have already announced the event for next year!
Happy National Castagne/motoring Day!