Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oran Park Breakfast.

Sunday the 13th of January, marked our first event of 2013 - Happy New Year Breakfast, at the Oran Park Cafe.
67 members & family participated in what was deemed to be our first 5th Birthday celebration! The hunger pains began to set in and proprietor/member Frank Roccisano made sure that all were served an abundance of food - Frank's special sausage, scrambled and fried eggs, hash browns, tomato, mushrooms, toast, juices and coffee. There was food left over! That has to be a first for our lot!

The car park was FULL of classic Italian Machinery - what a sight! We must congratulate member Andy Mendes Lopes on his latest acquisition a GranSport 2006 Maserati ... Love the colour Andy! Emmanuele Zinno, presented two delightful examples of two classic Alfa Guilia Super wonderful cars indeed! Norm Mitchell shared his latest project (in pictures). Norm is meticulously restoring, rebuilding, recreating a 1908 18/24 HP. We look forward to seeing the progress on that Norm, a true credit to you!

Our raffle was extremely well supported - 2 bottles of wine donated by member Joe Bria of Turin Imports, a limited edition/discontinued Fiat 500 serving tray (collector) by IMSMC and a coffee hamper donated by Nina Stillone! Thanks everyone for supporting our raffle.

All good events come to an end and one thing is for sure, We all left with full bellies!
Happy New Year everyone!