Monday, May 24, 2021

Lunch @ Grano


Sunday the 23rd of May, saw 78 members, family and friends, attend Grano Ristorante in Wetherill Park.

 It was a lunch gathering, but by 11:30 , close to 30 Italian beauties dominated the carpark. (members & guests must have been hungry!)  Both modern & classic machines filled the carpark  and a few exotics too! The stable was gleaming!


Before long, guests were provided with antipasto platters , entree's and pasta mains judging by the left overs, we can certainly state that we were well catered for! A huge thankyou to the staff of Grano, for a great job!


It was wonderful to welcome so many new members with family. Welcome ladies & gentlemen.


Thanks to Rose Cara, for organising our event and thankyou to all that attended another memorable IMSMC event!


Monday, May 17, 2021

National Motoring Heritage Day 2021

 Sunday the 16th of May, We celebrated National Motoring Heritage Day (NMHD) - 2021.

16 of our club cars gathered at East Kurrajong, after a cavalcade through the streets of Macquarie Town - Windsor. Many other IMSMC cars were known to participate in other endorsed event locations, whilst others simply took their cars for a leisurely drive on the day. NMHD was created to highlight makes and models of cars that once graced our roads in years gone by! Our club aim, is to maintain the awareness  that our "Italian Made" cars have made towards the Aussie motoring heritage. At East Kurrajong, our cars were parked amongst many other classics of marques that have made the same contribution.

Before long, coffee, cake , homemade pizza and other delights were spread and shared among members and guests, completing a perfect Autumn day.

 It's great to see and feel the enthusiasm at such a great event!