Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pangallo 2013

On Sunday the 17th of March, 30 members of IMSMC participated in the IMSMC complimentary BBQ picnic at Pangallo Estate on the Outskirts of the Hunter Valley.

Our meeting place at McDonald's Thornleigh, everyone arrived on time and at 9:15am (we are getting better!) our north bound convoy, was on its way, with our cars and Blue uniforms attracting all the usual attention!

Along the way, we had a slight hiccup with one vehicle. The expertise of Nat Stillone was put to work. The comradery from club members was superb, with many assisting on the roadside (along with expert opinions!)...After much R & D, a faulty radiator cap (an original!?) was found to be the cause!

Our arrival at Pangallo saw owners Mick & Lyn Pangallo, offer wonderfully, locally produced, marinated olives (with just the right mix of herbs & Chilli), locally produced olive oil complete with dipping bread and wine on offer for visitors from IMSMC.

Without further ado, the troops began to "present their esky's"...within moments tables were full of the finest Italian cuisine including, dips, cheeses, home made salami, signature wines ( and even a couscous salad?).

The BBQ plate was at perfect temperature! Charlie Losinno, Andy Mendes Lopes, Sandy Stillone, Lino De Iulio putting their MKR skills to work, while Maria Losinno & Oriana De Iulio, prepared the bread rolls and trays, ready to feed the troops! Meanwhile the rest of us found ourselves sampling each others gourmet appetisers!

Before long the cooks had excelled , The Bbq was ready to serve! ....(and it all disappeared!)... Our cars would travel much lighter for the return trip home.

Barrista Leo Di Rocco prepared coffees for everyone, while Mick & Lyn offered a locally produced additive as a "digestivo".

The afternoon progressed with servings of fruit & a variety of homemade cakes. Later, many IMSMCists walked the olive grove and picked their own olives (we look forward to sampling the outcome). For the remainder of the afternoon, conversation was abundant, while our "youngies" ( and some of our daring young at heart), enjoyed tours of the Olive grove on quad bikes!

Another wonderful day in the company of wonderful people, is a quote from one member which is echoed by all that attended!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

IMSMC Annnual Ball 2013

Oh What a Night!!

IMSMC celebrated it's 5th Birthday, with 251 members, family & friends attending our official birthday party celebration, held at the Mediterranean House in Five Dock on Saturday the 2nd of March.

Right on 5:30pm, our guests began to arrive, with many wearing unrecognisable formal attire, instead of our very familiar IMSMC Azzurro Shirts!

After our canape's, 251 guests moved upstairs where the tables were all dressed in red white and green, formal dinner arrangements, tables set for royalty! The room was buzzing with anticipation of what was about to unfold. Our president openned the evening with a welcome speech, acknowledging the efforts of the committee and the enthusiasm of the IMSMC members. Daniel & Christian Cipri (Losinno) were acknowledged for their efforts in preparing a power point summary of the IMSMC first 5 years. This will be presented at our AGM in August....Great effort and thanks fellas!

The food began to arrive...

Without further a do, the food began to be served and then a "FLOOR SHOW" spectacular was presented by the Brazilian Hit Parade - WOW! They involved the crowd by having them dance with the "dancers" showing  them a step or two...adding to the atmosphere of the night.

More food arrived...

Shortly afterwards, the dance floor was opened, with well over 200 people at every moment of music spinning and bopping to the rhythms provided by our DJ maestro!
More food arrived...

Our Monster Raffle lived up to its name, with all prizes claimed on the night. A special mention to each of our sponsors, please visit our sponsors page on our web site. A huge Thank you to Breakaway Travel and member John Deriu from Five Dock Classic Cars for their special donation which was awarded as a lucky Door prize, to the value of $550 to the lucky winner.

The night was a huge success, with many guests providing a huge amount of accalade to the organisiers and have already asked, "When is next years Ball?"

We'll see you there!