Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Auto Italia Canberra 2012

Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th of April, IMSMC participated in the Auto Italia weekend in Canberra. A quick coffee on Saturday morning and we were off, making our way to our meeting place at Pheasants Nest. As we merged onto the M7 at Campbelltown we were joined by Dino and Emily Capozzi in their recently and beautifully restored FIAT 850 sports coupe spyder.
Soon after, we knew we were approaching the meeting place as Michael DeIulio in his FIAT 128 and Lino DeIulio in his Fiat 124 roared past.
As we entered the meeting place the cars looked a picture, the cars all well polished and groomed stood proudly in their resplendent colours.

Twenty five IMSMC classics including two very special vehicles presented by new member Emmanuel Ziino a 1965 2600 Alfa sprint and a 1974 Alfa montreal, entered the Hume highway and bound for the Mckay VC rest area. On arrival we turned the rest area into a mini restaurant, ham, salami, mortadella, provolone, specially prepared olives, espresso coffee, cake and more espresso coffee, courtesy of Gerry, Frances Mediati Leo Di Rocco, Sandy, Nina Stillone and IMSMC.. The cakes were very tasty there was talk that there will be a cake off next year, we are all looking forward to that. Needless to say the clearing of the table and washing up was very quick and easy.
Next stop was the Goulburn bakehouse! Many opted for the "bakehouse Cuisine" whilst the others enjoyed the fresh country air. Onward to Canberra, all arriving safely our next assembly point was the Italo Australia club for "refreshments".
Into the evening fifty IMSMC members, family and friends enjoyed a meal together that was "cooked by the chef" and served by the IMSMC committee.. A most memorable rendition of "thats Amore" (a Dean Martin Classic) was performed by the ITALIAN MADE SOCIAL MOTORING CLUB CHOIR- thanks everyone- one of our best!

Sunday morning we assembled on the lawns of "old parliament house" We were joined by more members that had arrived that morning. Congratulations to David Salmieri and wife Patricia on driving their Fiat 500 from Sydney to Canberra and back again.. We also met new members Glenda and Alex Belay who made the trip to meet us for the first time we welcome them and look forward too seeing their beautifully restored Fiat 500 Giardiniera.
Congratulations to our seven winners.. IMSMC received recognition for best Fiat sedan, best Fiat coupe, best Fiat convertible, best Alfa sedan, best Alfa coupe, best exotic and best modified. Congratulations IMSMC!!!.
At the conclusion of the day, Lino DeIulio organised a surprise draw of three bottles of wine - winners are grinners. Another momento for members on a well supported IMSMC gathering.
Our trip home was somewhat eventful filled with minor hiccups Thanks to all those that assisted the vehicles in need. Finally thanks to Ellen Di Rocco for being the rear car and watching over the cavalcade.

A wonderful event... well done members.... Viva Auto Italia..... See you next year...

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Palm Sunday was celebrated By IMSMC with a procession of vehicles from Sydney into the Hunter Valley.

Our destination was the Pangallo estate vineyard/orc
hard. A fine gathering
of seventy people came together and cavalcaded into the Pangallo estate.
The estates crops had suffered due to the heavy rains experienced over the
Summer months. But due to the resourcefulness of the owners there was still
much to be enjoyed.

Olives, oil and wine were available for sa
le. The tasting was enjoyed by
all. The staff made ready our lunch, pots and pans where put into action to
prepare our lunch of pasta aglio (garlic) e olio (oil) e pepperoncino (hot
chillies) for those that like the sensation,
all ingredients used were locally grown and

Our lunch was a full affair with many dishes prepared by the ladies and men,
lets say the antipasto was great! The spaghetti arrived and was served
piping hot and was dished up with grated parmiggiano cheese. A great silence was observed as everyone was eating.
Lunch was followed by espresso coffee.

Compliments to the owners,
Lyn and Mick Pangallo along with the other family members and friends that prepared
the lunch. Perfetto e buonissimo!
We were joined by members of CIAO a fine group of people.. I hope they didn't eat too much.

The children were treated to rides on the quad bike through the estate. A soccer ball or 2 were seen to be flying through the air from time to time!

Three items were raffled along with 12 bottles of wine which were donated by
the estates owners making a further twelve members/friends happy winners.
very successful day, well attended and well enjoyed, Well done everyone..
Happy Easter to you and all your families.