Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Porchetta @ Pangallo

On Sunday the 15th of July, 80 members and family made the trip to Pangallo Estate for a Porchetta picnic.

On arguably the coldest winters morning thus far, we met at McDonald's car park at Thornleigh, where we began our journey.

Crusing along the road toward the hunter valley, our destination Pangallo. Upon arrival, members were greeted by the friendly staff, offering preserved locally produced olives and oils, fresh fruit and wine! All for tasting and purchase.

Our members and; guests, in true IMSMC fashion, brought “appetizers” (enough food to feed a small army!), sharing their own samples of  home made goodies, for all to enjoy, whilst many basking in the glorious sunshine the day offered and meandering through the orchards.

Just prior to lunch being served, member Anthony Vecchio presented Lino De Iulio with a “green, white & red” hand made walking stick, as we commemorated Lino recently becoming a “Grandfather”. Looks like we’ll need a fair few of these, as the IMSMC community continues to grow!

Without further ado, the Porchetta was served by the wonderful staff at Pangallo Estate. A HUGE success. We should add that “their wasn’t any left over”, with each guest sufficiently satisfied with the offering.

Thank you to the staff at Pangallo Estate for a fantastic experience. Thank you to all the guests, for your contributions.

This event will definitely be repeated in the future. Certainly lays claim to be one of our best!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


On Friday Night at Club Marconi 107 guests attended the IMSMC Annual General Meeting.

On a busy Friday night ( usual Sydney traffic) we managed to commence our meeting very close to the proposed 7pm start time - THANK YOU!

After formalities, the member base was brought up to date regarding future events.

We were in the presence of Mr Lester Gough, on behalf of the Council of Motor Clubs. Lester provided an informative presentation regarding the HVS & CVS schemes recently implemented by the RTA (RMS), highlighting the importance of working within the guidelines, the reasons why and the implications of the logbook trial on all clubs.

Our appreciation of the sponsorship received, was greatly acknowledged. Where would we be without them?

At the conclusion of Lester's presentation, all guests were offered a complimentary pasta meal and a serving of our famous "Mille Foglie" cake.

The club Marconi staff worked tirelessly behind the bar, serving dinner and clearing tables all night. They are to be commended in the manner in which we were looked after. Thank you Club Marconi.

A video of 2017 was projected on the big screen, stimulating discussion and particular interest from our new members.

We are proud to advise all members that the "Ever, tireless working committee" remains unchanged. We look forward to a vibrant year ahead.