Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Festa Della Repubblica 2017

On Sunday the 28th of May, 59 members and 47  IMSMC cars, were presented at this year’s Festa Della Repubblica at Club Marconi. Our members meeting at Terone Park and making their way to the grounds of Club Marconi, where we made immediate impact.

The day was full of entertainment, made up of “all things Italian” including, food, drink, song and great company being the order of the day.

Our club stall was kept busy all day – A HUGE THANK YOU to Michael, Lino & Oriana De Iulio, Rose Cara & Michael Stivala, each dedicating a good portion of their day  “behind the counter.”

At 3 o’clock, the Marconi Executive committee s

elected the 3 “Choice Awards” (as voted by them) to 3 of our passionisti!

1st Price Carmine Losinno – The remarkable Topolino,
2nd Prize Ennio Alfonsi – A beautiful Alfa Grand Prix
3rd Prise  John Di Rocco – The 850T Van.

Many members opted to stay for the Foti fireworks spectacular, which are reported to have been one of Marconi’s best!

We extend our thanks to Club Marconi for their invitation and for the complimentary lunch voucher that was offered to each participant.

A great day – another major IMSMC event to be remembered. Well done IMSMC.

Monday, May 22, 2017

National Motoring Heritage Day- Berry 2017

As part of our National Motoring Heritage Day, on Sunday the 21st of May, 33 IMSMC vehicles participated in the  " Shoalhaven Historic Vehicle Club" (by invitation) to a wonderful display of Italian Vehicle at the Berry Show Ground. 

There was a specific emphasis on Italian Vehicles at Berry this year and WE DID NOT LET THEM DOWN! What a vast variety of Italian classics on display!

On one of our BEST Autumn days this season has offered, 33 of our wonderful Classics (and cars) met at the Partridge VC rest area and traveled together, making our way approximately 130km's bound for Berry!

Our trip was pleasant, our cars all buzzing along in the traffic, bringing cheer from accompanying motorists.

A special mention to our FIAT 500 members, that made the trip. Keeping up with the cavalcade!

There was a special presentation, reminiscent of Auto Italia... Tony Albanense was presented with his "Auto Italia Presidents encouragement award" on the day.

Berry had a great deal to offer, encouraging members to take advantage of the art & crafts, specialty stores, and wonderful historic buildings along the main street.

Like all good things, the day came to a conclusion. A final cheer from everyone and we were on our way, Sydney bound, again our cars bringing interest

on the main roads leading toward home.

A huge thank you to all our participants. One thing was certain, the drive & display was everything that the National Motoring Heritage Day could promise. A Huge presence of our cars, on our roads by our enthusiastic members. What a drive!

Well done IMSMC!