Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Membership Card Collection 2021

Sunday the 7th of February saw 70 members (well over 100 visitors in total) visit the CSI Club in Schofields to pick up their 2021 IMSMC membership cards. Members began arriving after 2pm and throughout the afternoon we all enjoyed each others company in the refurbished surrounds of the CSI Club.

The car park was transformed into a  piazza environment of Italia with cars from yesterday and today. So much beautiful machinery!
Members were kept busy moving around the venue, visiting fellow members, catching up on the last 12 months. All in a Covid aware and safe manner - Thank you to all for observing the covid restrictions.

The bistro and bar were kept busy for the entire time and the CSI executive board/committee had a presence throughout the afternoon, doing their best to ensure that every visitors needs were met and realised. Thankyou to them!

We hope to utilise the wonderful facilities at the CSI on future occasions. All the facilities are in place!


See you at the next one!