Tuesday, December 2, 2014

IMSMC Christmas Party 2014.

On Sunday the 30th of November, 150 Family, members and friends celebrated Christmas 2014, at TerraNova Bar & Restaurant.
At approximately 11:30am, the carpark was transformed into Piazza Navona, with modern & classic Fiats, Alfa's, Lancia's,Ferrari's and a Lambourghini bi-colore occupying the car park! A special mention to member Joseph Scarcella, that presented for the first time, his newly acquired 1976 Alfetta (Alfa Romeo)...she's  a beauty Joseph. Worth the wait. Best in the country?
As members and guests indulged in a cool beverage and a great deal of discussion, the staff at Terranova served up antipasto, entree's and pizza. The apetite was on the increase with two types of pasta being served, then arrived the mains!
By this stage everyone had realised what they had come for, many finding it necessary to move outside for a bit of "digestion".
Before long, the bells were heard from a distance and a special guest...SANTA... made his appearance, providing all the children with a gift and a good will wish!
Our traditional club raffle was held and greatly supported by all. We thank our sponsors on the day; members; John & Leo Di Rocco, Frances & Gerardo Mediati, Nina & Nat Stillone, Grace & Nat Campisi, Oriana & Lino De Iulio, Cate & Michael Stivala, IMSMC and First Creek wines!
The traditional IMSMC cake was served "mille foglie" accompanied with an espresso - 150 espresso's actually!
A huge thankyou to the management & staff of TerraNova for their quality of food & service, both in abundance. A special thank you to all of our members for a memorable 2014. Your passion is rewarding and evident to our committee, who's passion is reflected in your participation and level of support offered by all.
Thanks for a FANTASTIC 2014...Bring on 2015. A very Merry CHRISTMAS to you all and may 2015 be one of your best years yet!

Buon Natale!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Auto Festa Leichhardt 2014.

On Sunday the 26th of October, 49 IMSMC cars presented beautifully on Pioneer Park, at Auto Festa, as part of the Norton Street Festa di Leichhardt!
Hats off to IMSMC, as we made up greater numbers than three other clubs at the same event. The passion and level of participation is evident to the event mangers and coordinators. THANK YOU!
The morning showed signs of developing into a typical hot Sydney day....and it's promise was kept! The sun was shining, conducive to "showing off" the hours of hard work in preparing the cars. The public mingled amongst our cars all day.
The Festa attracted over 100 000 people this year. Whilst all things Italian were on show (food, beverage, technology & fashion, there were also many TV personalities presenting their Italian products....SBS radio was at the show...it's believed our president was interviewed, highlighting the significant contribution we made to the Festa.
We had visitors from Classic Italian Automotive Organisation (CIAO), Fiat Club of ACT & Italian car association of Canberra join us on the day...we're in the planning stages for a significant participation at the 2015 Auto Italia in Canberra. Stand by on that! Wonderful to be sharing events with our Northern and inland friends.
Bring on 2015...promises to be another great year for IMSMC.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

South Coast Run

On Saturday and Sunday, the 27th and 28th of September 35 members and family, participated in our inaugural run to the South Coast -  Our destination being Gerringong!
Our meeting place on Saturday morning was the GELATO EMPORIUM at the Southern Gateway Centre on the Princes Highway, Bulli Tops. Coffee, Croissants and Italian cakes, a photo opportunity and the cavalry was on the way!
Second stop was "SADDLE BACK MOUNTAIN LOOKOUT".... the term "work horse" has been redefined, as our engines brought us to probably the highest lookout on the East coast of Australia - a 70 degree gradient and an elevation that felt like a million meters!
Soon afterwards, we were on our way to our lunch spot via Jamberoo & Robertson, to the Burrawang Village Hotel. The next few hours spent sharing stories, laughter and naturally, good "country style food & hospitality".
Our final drive was to Gerringong via Kangaroo Valley. What a drive experience!!! Tight hair pin corners (15km/h), steep decents and inclines...A little apprehensive this time, but we'll know exactly what to expect next time!
Saturday Night and the troops had dinner at the Park Ridge retreat...again a great opportunity to share a story or two ( apparently we're a loud lot).
Sunday morning, after breakfast, we made our way to the Crooked River winery, where we tasted some of the Southern coast "better" wines, surprisingly the whites were quite appealing!
Like all great events, they come to an end. Some members opting to stay for a local lunch, others visiting Berry and nearby Kiama. All in all, a memorable weekend.
A Huge THANK YOU to Rose Cara & Oriana De Iulio, who spent countless hours ( and a few visits) mapping out the route, securing accomodation and eateries for the benefit

of all. A great weekend... Picture perfect weather, great company and a great motoring experience!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Burwood Spring Festival 2014.

On Sunday the 21st of September a large contingent of IMSMC cars participated in the Burwood Spring festival, And what an impact we made!
Firstly, our colours, then the diverse representation of various makes, models and types of cars. We have been reported as being the largest group of cars from one single club!

And CONGRATULATIONS to ROBERT VITALE. Robert's FIAT 124 CC, was the Council Of Motor Clubs Australia judges choice, for the best car of the 1970's. Well done Rob!
The day was full of activities for kids and families. A large group occupying the "Dodgem cars" at one point!.Every store was open along Burwood Rd...international cuisine throughout the park! Our good friend Mr Creamy, extending his courtesies towards IMSMC!One location on the corner of George st & Burwood Rd, was very well frequented by IMSMC members (for lunch of-course!).
It is wonderful to report that many members (even though they couldn't attend with their cars) participated, visiting our display area on the day! Our "MOB" easily identified in the large crowd.
A perfect spring day, in perfect company a great result. Thanks everyone who attended. The "State Emergency Services" have expressed their thanks for our "long time" on-going support of this fund raiser event.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Concorso D'Eleganza Sydney 2014.

On Sunday the 14th of September, the Concorso D'Eleganza Sydney was held at Gough Whitlam Park incorporating The Alfa, Fiat ,Lancia & Italian Made Social Motoring Club.
We congratulate all 43  members who presented their cars. They all looked fantastic. The colours of our vehicles always create the wonderful "Gelato effect" with "period colours (colori d'epoca)" being brought out by the Sunshine! I beleive it hit 26 degrees,A perfect Spring day in Sydney!
A special "Thankyou" to everyone who assisted with the administration of the cars, stock, visers, stall - I would have to list 20 names here...Thank you ladies & gentlemen - You know who you are!
We thank our judges; Gerardo Mediati, Nat Stillone, Ricardo Capolino, Michael & Cate Stivala,each  who dedicated a great deal of time to the planning of the Day....all in great "fun & recognition" of the wonderfully presented cars. Thanks to Tony Portelli who assisted as well.
We thank our sponsors (see below) for their wonderful support, each receiving a commemorative "Thank you" plaque from the Club.
In recognition for the hard work that members put into preparing their cars, the results are as follows;
1st: Ross Tizzone
2nd: Vince Santoro
3rd: Michael De Iulio
1st: Michael Stivala
2nd: Joseph Scarcella
3rd: Robert Losinno
1st: Eugene Adoncello
2nd: Giuseppe Lecce
3rd: Johnny Losinno
Enzo Cacciotti
Emmanuel Ziino
Gianni (John) Di Rocco
Helen Chantel
Robert Vitale
Tony Guerrera
Robert Vitale
Gerardo Mediati.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Fairfield High School 60th Anniversary.

On Saturday the 23rd of August, a small group of IMSMCists, participated in
a display of cars at the Fairfield High School 60th anniversary

Our morning began with a rendezvous coffee at Club Marconi, then a cavalcade
down Horsley Drive toward the school.

The day was all about the school and what was "special" to ex students, when
they were at school. Naturally, everybody wanted an Italian Car, when they
were at school. As many of the past students are familiar of our club, we
were asked to create a display on the school grounds. Questions and interest
were abundant!

At one stage of the day, while observing school facilities, "music" was
heard coming from the school hall...some famous musicians making a guest
appearance to the delight of the 100's of onlookers! A special moment for

At the conclusion of the day, IMSMC showed its appreciation to the
participating members, which gave up their valuable Saturday, by "shouting
pizza" at the friendly venue of TerraNova Bar & Restaurant!

We did a good thing - participating in an event organised by the wider

Monday, August 18, 2014

Eastern Creek Classic + FerrAgosto 2014.

On Sunday August 17th, the club was incolved with 2 separate Displays. One was the Shannons Classic at Sydney Motorsport raceway and the other at FerrAgosto in Five Dock.
The Bureau of meteorology predicted bewteen 50-70 mm of rain starting in Brisbane and extending to the North of Victoria. Although we were all hopeful that they may have got it wrong, unfortunately they were right on the button, with rain starting to fall late Saturday afternoon throughout the Sydney Metro, continued through the night and well into Sunday morning!
Unfortunately this affected the numbers at both venues, however, we take our hat off to the 17 member cars that participated at FerrAgosto and another 15 member cars that braved the elements and attended Eastern Creek.
As unpredictable as the weather man can be, the FerrAgosto event blossomed into action at approximately 1200 midday, with the sun, came the crowds. The interest in our cars was evident. A huge thanks to all the 17 members who brought their vehicles and displayed them, we thank you for your passion!
At Eastern Creek, approximately 1700 cars were expected and once again, the numbers suffered significantly, as approximately 300 cars came through the gates. All the same, our club is recognised as having made a signficant contribution to the Historic car movement. We had 7 x Fiat 850's displayed on Pit Lane as part of the 50th anniversary celebration and a further 11 cars dominating area C.
Thank you to all that participated in both events...ultimately, it was worth the effort!


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Annual General Meeting 2013/14‏

On Friday Night the 1st of August, the Annual General Meeting for the 2013/14 year, was held at Club Marconi.
Firstly a HUGE THANK YOU to the 65 members & family that attended. We also highlight the wonderful presentation and service provided by Club Marconi & Staff. The amentities/facilities were presented in a truly professional manner. The staff worked tirelessly all night, to cater to our every need. Thank You MARCONI!!!
As per the model rules, set out by "Fair Trade" our minutes, financials and agenda were presented to the members. Member Gerardo Mediati, as part of a sub committee (and judging panel including Nat Stillone, Mick & Cate Stivala & Ric Cappolino), presented the new concept of "Concorso", which will be implemented at our forthcoming Concorso D'Eleganza to be held at Gough Whitlam Park, later this month. We hope to maximise our Club attendance at this event. Thanks Guys!
We received 7 nominations for the committee positions. This year Members Charlie & Maria Losinno have stepped down from their role. We thank them both for their many 100's of hours each year, for the last 5 years, that they have contributed to the club. They are and always will be deemed a significant part of our club, whose efforts are certainly recognised as having contributed significantly to the growth and stability of IMSMC.
With their departure, we introduce both Michael & Cate Stivala into the committee. We know they will bring new ideas. Their enthusiasm will contribute to our club. Welcome!
Committee Positions are as follows;
President: John Di Rocco
Vice President: Rose Cara
Treasurer & Plates Registrar: Leo Di Rocco
Secretary: Lino De Iulio
Committee 1: Oriana De Iulio
Committee: 2: Cate Stivala
Committee 3: Michael Stivala
Our evenning continued with a meal & cake, provided by the club. Discussion & "catch up" was evident throughout the Hall, with the regular bursts of laughter coming from around the room. Our Raffle was held and we thank our sponsors, First Creek Wines, Campisi Fine Food Deli, Prodata Computer Products and IMSMC!
We look forward to the forthcoming year. Thank you to all members for their passion & enthusiasm. You make the club what it is. Number 1. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tour of Mudgee 2014.‏

Saturday And Sunday the 19th & 20th of July, 48 members with family & friends spent the weekend in Mudgee!
What a weekend it was. Beginning with a rendezvous at Glenbrook information centre...then a 300km course to Mudgee. On what was one of the coldest days of winter 2014, the 20 Italian Stallions performed beautifully, in their atmospheric element. We concluded that "drive time" was just over 2 & 3/4 hours...each car moving with the traffic, the sweet rumble of Italian exhausts echoing through the upper mountains!
We visited 2 wineries on Saturday morning, LOGANS WINES & FARMERS DAUGHTER before enjoying (and sharing) an array of home made cuisine for lunch. Next stop was booking into hotels then visiting a third winery, PETER VAN GENT, proceeded by a rest back at the hotel, before our dinner stop for Saturday Night @ The WINE GLASS BAR & GRILL,laughter and conversation prevailing. Wonderful to see new friendships evolve, as new members made acquaintance for the first time.
Our Sunday morning began with a leisurely stroll through Mudgee, with many enjoying a coffee al ''fresco” (and fresco it was -1C with a -3.5C feel factor!)
Later in the morning we visited our 4th winery, DI LUSSO ESTATE,  The owner, taking us for a tour of his vineyard, which also included olives & figs (apparently supplying over 250,000 figs to agents that take them to market!) Italian Variety figs of course! Further, we were invited into the fermentation room, where the wine making process was further explained.
As lunch time approached, we were invited into the barrel room, where we were greeted by staff and a table setting fit for royalty, where we enjoyed wine & oil tasting and a wonderful lunch.
The end of lunch marked the conclusion of a fantastic weekend. Some members opting to stay behind and enjoy a few more wines and a complimentary wood fired pizza that topped off a really special experience!
A huge thank you to the organisers of the weekend (a mammoth task) the outcome being a true reflection of the many, many, many hours of preparation in ensuring that all were catered for and all went smoothly {Thanks Rose Cara, Leo & Ellen Di Rocco) - HUGE EFFORT!
Thank you to the members for their participation...one of our best weekends in a very special part of country NSW, incorporating one of our most memorable drives in FANTASTIC company.
We'll do that again, FOR SURE!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Ruote Classiche Festa Della Repubblica Club Marconi.

Sunday the 1st of June saw 42 x IMSMC cars along with 70+ members and family, participating in the annual celebration held at Club Marconi, the occasion Italy becoming a Republic!
 Our day began at Stocklands, where we assembled, extended greetings, welcomed our new members and discussed our display for the day, whilst looking to the skies and asking every saint, to be ensured that it would not rain, as all weather reports indicated that it would!
As we made our way to Club Marconi, we were greeted by many onlookers, from balcony's and windows of residential Bossley Park!
Once we arrived at our display area, our cars were arranged in category, the most FIAT 500's assembled in quite some time, 600, Topolino, 850's, 130's, 131,1100, 128's, 124's, 1500's, Alfa GTV's, 105's, a Lancia and a Beautiful 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo bicolore, special edition,  presented by member Johnny Panuccio....Wonderful looking car Johnny, congratulations and thanks for your participation!
The day unfolded with all things Italian, cannoli, torrone, cakes, sausages, arrancini, pannini, pizza, pasta, wine and castagne! All visitors were able to enjoy the full club facilities (many were seen visiting on a number of ocassions).
At approximately 2:30pm, member Tony Campisi, brought to the club stall, what appeared to be about 3000 pannini, especially prepared for us! Thanks Tony, a very gracious gesture - and they tasted wonderful too!
Unbeleiveably there was actually one left, which nobody wanted to eat, as every member had received a lunch voucher (which had been surrendered by approx 11:00am) by most members!...no one went home hungry!!!!
At 3:00pm, the Marconi executive committee, came to our display, to judge and give recognition to the top three cars, as voted by them! Right on cue, the heavens openned up and DOWN CAME THE RAIN! It was cosy, under a string of umbrella's, as the announcements and presentations took place, as follows;
3rd - Johnny Losinno ( 1989 Alfa 75 - The Carabiniere Machine!)2nd - Giuseppe Lecce ( 1960 FIAT 1100 Riviera)

1st - Carmine Losinno ( 1950 Fiat Topolino)
The "judges" highlighted how increasingly difficult it is becoming to pick the winners, as the quality of our vehicles are outstanding! You are all complimented in the level of passion that is reflected in the manner in which you present your vehicles!
Thank you everyone for your participation. Marconi Festa Della Repubblica is one of our highlight annual events, where we can "give back" to Club Marconi, a little something for the wonderful support they offer our club, throughout the year!

Monday, May 19, 2014

National Castagne Day 14

Sunday the 18th of May saw 18 IMSMC classics, celebrate National Motoring Heritage Day by descending to The Fraternity Club in Fairy Meadow (North Wollongong), to participate in National Castagne Day! The bringing together of two traditions & cultures.
8:00am saw the cavalry assemble at the Patridge VC rest area. Formalities in place and we were south bound. We had a stop, to absorb the views along the way. Our arrival at the club stimulating interest immediately.
The day was a traditional IMSMC day, with discussion, laughter and comradery throughout our visit. Each driver was given a complimentary lunch & drink voucher, which allowed us to have a steak sandwhich for breakfast and a particularly tasty "porchetta roll" for lunch.
Each of the food stalls were visited by the IMSMC army, sampling cuisine from around the globe. Of course the traditional coffee was in abundance! Che buon caffe'!
It is wonderful to see the IMSMC family grow. New member Joseph Scarcella presented his wonderful 1987 Alfa Romeo GTV6, "Grand Prix" what a great car Joseph! We thankyou for introducing your family to IMSMC - Welcome! We also were graced with the presence of Anthony Vecchio with his Fiat 500 - It has been a while Anthony, but worth the wait! Car looks & performs great!
As usual, all good things come to an end...but not before a 100km drive home after a great day!
Thankyou to "The Frat" they cannot over emphasise their appreciation of our support and have already announced the event for next year!
Happy National Castagne/motoring Day!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Festa Italiana Ettalong Resort 2014.

Members and friends of IMSMC gathered and met at Thornleigh Mc Donald's.  The usual crescendo was experienced as the restaurant was filled with our members.

Our intention was to leave at 8 oclock sharp, so right on time, (at 8:30) we departed in cavalcade up the M1 pacific motorway; bound for Ettalong!

We drove on the motorway and meandered toward Ettalong,  many spectators greeting and commenting on the rarity and presentation of our cars!

We arrived at our reserved area and parked the cars, immediately attracting spectators. Shortly afterwards, we booked into our rooms and settled into what would become two days of activities with many perusing the variety of stalls throughout the resort. An interesting aperitivo was being served which many found morish 1 part soda water, 2 parts aperol and 3 parts prosecco a couple of these and we were set… the two days were filled with discussion, great company and much laughter..

Fine italian food of every description was available, castagne (chestnuts), pastries of every quality in cream or ricotta, pizzas of every shape style and toppings along with other restaurant foods & wine & liquer tasting. Music,singing and dancing from every region of Italy.  A piano accordion was playing the “all time favorites” as the musician walked around entertaining the crowd.. The resort was flowing with festival atmosphere.

Our president was interviewed by local radio station 2GO, 107.7fm – answering questions and promoting our club to the local community!

Our Saturday night dinner was spent at Naman's restaurant where all enjoyed the company of members and settled into a fine dinner and chatted into the late hours. Founding member Joe Lecce celebrated his 70th birthday, and of course, we had a cake complimented by the IMSMC choir, singing “happy birthday” with gusto!

Our  Sunday morning started with a gathering of the entire IMSMC crew at “toto’s bar” for breakfast and then into the resort to enjoy the festivities of day 2.

The resort management thanked us immensely for sponsoring the festa and have requested we attend again next year as our contribution is deemed outstanding!

Another well supported and successful IMSMC event. Thank you!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Auto Italia 2014

Auto Italia 2014, was held in Canberra on Sunday the 30th of March.
IMSMC met on Saturday morning and travelled in convoy, bound for the nations capital, on Saturday morning! 30 cars, ranging from Ferrari's thru to Fiat 500's, cavalcaded together.
Along the way, we stopped at the traditional Mackey VC rest rest area for an "ITALIAN BREAKFAST". Charlie & Maria Losinno giving up their time to cater for our needs, sourcing bread, prosciutto cotto, salami, sorpressa, mortadella, provolone, Melanzane, Olive's - and the best Italian Bread!...Hungry yet? What a Breakfast.
This led to being energised for our next stop at Goulburn.Goulburn was our petrol, coffee & stretch stop! So much Italian machinery in the one place at the same time!
Onward to the Weereewa lookout on the Federal Hwy, where we met a number of Italian car enthusiasts from the ACT. From here we made our way to the Italo Australia Club, where we also returned later in the evening for our dinner dance. And what a night! A five course meal with song & dance! Two IMSMC members entertaining the crowd, with belly dancing, or was it "chesty dancing?" Wonderful to see the IMSMC banner being waved in the middle of the dance floor too, all adding to the party atmosphere of the entire weekend.
Earlier on Saturday afternoon, our committee and club members, were invited to the Italian Embassy. Our club was given a special mention for our outstanding support of the event. We later presented the Ambassador a club pennant as a memento.
Sunday morning and we made our way to the lawns (actually the sealed surfaces) of Old Parliament House. Over 250 cars on display including many motorbikes & scooters. Considering the amount of "bad weather" throughout the week, the attendance numbers "almost" set a new record!
This year. there are 2 anniversaries! 100 years of Maserati and 50 years of Fiat 850. We congratulate members Roland Weber ( 1976 Maserati Merack SS coupe) and Nat Stillone ( 1979 Maserati Merack SS)...Also, John Di Rocco (1971 Fiat 850T Van) Leo Di Rocco (1964 Fiat 850 series 1 coupe) Renee Di Rocco (1969 Fiat 850 series 2 spider), Gerardo Mediati (1969 Series 2 Fiat 850 sports coupe) Richard Di Pietro (1966 Fiat 850 sedan) and Brad Aitken (1969 Fiat 850 spider)... The cars looked GREAT and certainly made a significant contribution to the anniversary displays!
We are happy to report, that IMSMC representative members have done us proud again this year. With four major prizes being awarded, as follows;
Emmanuel Ziino Best Ferrari ( 1997 Yellow 355) & Best Alfa Romeo Coupe  (1972 Orange Montreal)
Ric Capolino Best Fiat Targa/spider (1979 Red Fiat X-19)
John Di Rocco Best Vehicle of Special Interest (1971 White Fiat 850T Van)
In all 55 members along with another 40+ family and friends, contributed to the significant contribution that IMSMC made to this National event! We thank all our visitors, including our young Mum & Dad's with their infant children- they are welcome anytime!
As the Sunday drew to a close, the skies darkened and mother nature reminded us of her force, with many members, Sydney bound experiencing the worst wet conditions on the freeway they have ever had to endure!

Fortunately no significant casualties to report on...
A smaller group remained for the Sunday night and shared in a complimentary dinner at the Italo Australia club, in what concluded a weekend of  Italian motoring, song, wine, fine food and great company.
We thank the staff of the Italo Australia Club for catering to each of our needs. We send a message of congratulations to the Auto Italia Committee on a superb event! We'll See you at Auto Italia, 29th of March 2015.