Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Motori Italiani

Motori Italiani saw yet another successful IMSMC display after Marconi as a group was a huge success..

The Rosehill racetrack was re-furnished to present the second Motori Italiani event.

Our vehicles made for a great display. The weekend started early on Friday morning, adjusting washing and polishing our cars as we were invited to the media launch at 1pm so we all wanted to be in position prior to attending the launch…….And launch they did in true Italian style food, wine ,women ,song and dance… The atmosphere was set for a great weekend, the food served at the launch was delectable olives, capsicum in fine virgin olive oil and bocconcini cheese.. The parmesan “parmeggiano” block was a huge success as piece by piece was wedged off the main block and slowly devoured and washed down with a great palatable red wine from South Australia, as the music was played at the correct level and the singing was sensational! Not forgetting that all the while we were surrounded by many expensive Italian cars.

The IMSMC display was set up in no time and all cars were in place by 5pm on the friday.

IMSMC member’s vehicles were well set out in a semicircular array behind the flag creating a backdrop setting.

The last car in was Gerardo Mediati’s beautifully restored Fiat 695 Abarth, which would later be unveiled to a roaring crowd.


Quite Possibly the largest Italian Flag in the country was draped magnificently above the display of Fiat 850 spyders, the cars and flag complemented each other reflecting the colours of the Italian flag.

Saturday morning saw the start of people passing the display as the day progressed the flow of people increased. Our display area and table was alive and well! Persons passing were admiring the cars and no shortage of questions entailed…This constant stream of people ensured that our members were busy both entertaining and answering questions about our vehicles and our club.

Renee Di Rocco amongst other members sold caps, shirts, model cars and motorbikes..

Breakfast lunch and dinner were at no particular times but the array of foods available needs to be told.. we had arancini, chorizo sausages, Italian sausages with hot chillies, deep fried calamari rings with bbq’d baby octopus, coffee long short or otherwise and the Italian gelato giotto was great… smooth and tasty.. Roberto at euro sec gave a bottle of wine to drink “prosecco” a white sparkling wine that is consumed prior to eating lunch or dinner a good habit to get into and it appears to be all the rage in Italy…. “everybody wants to be an Italian”.

However, much to the dismay of many of many IMSMC members, the staff at Rosehill were not very receptive in keeping the bar open… It was upstairs and out of sight they tried to keep it a well kept secret. Maybe they knew the Italian made club members would be in the vicinity. Fortunatly members brought some of their own homebrew and we survived….

Finally we unveiled Gerardos car, the unveiling attracted a large crowd of enthusiasts and they were rewarded with viewing a fine piece of beautifully restored Italian motor vehicle.

The entertainment continued with Joe Avati setting the scene and revealing a few home truths about a true “Italian” upbringing, although many laughed it was deadly serious when we were growing up, thanks Nonna!

The Sunday started with a large double shot cappuccino as we arrived at the display the cleaners were admiring our cars.

The auction held in the main pavilion did not fair to well with Vic Larusso blaring off, I thought he was in his helicopter trying to get above the noise of the chopper and telling us about the traffic report! At least… that’s how he came across.

The entertainment continued throughout the day but alas, all good things come to an end.

We advised the security staff we were ready to leave, all things organised tables stowed, merchandise packed, flags and banner folded all members assisted in pushing the vehicles out the doors of the main hall to an awaiting audience as the vehicles fired up and left the hall under their own power they applauded… I must say some exhausts fitted to the cars had a fine note attached to them…

All round, an excellent weekend that saw yet another highly successful IMSMC event. Our display of vehicles was unparalleled and I think all members were most satisfied with the result!

Until next time!