Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Auto Festa 2018

Sunday the 28th of October. "International" cuisine, drink, fashion, entertainment coffee and sweets, made up the Norton street festa of 2019. Italian Made Social Motoring Club, displaying over 40 cars... our contribution to this years event.
Our Cavlacade began on Parramatta Rd, where our classics made their way toward Pioneer Park. The videos that can be seen on our facebook page, creates imagery of scenes from the 1960's. Thanks to the expertise of many of our members, posting and sharing events of the day.
Our club cars arrived at Pioneer Park and were scattered among the pine trees (quite fitting)... some call it "Italian Style "park where you can!.
Within no time, the food and beverage began, with many members sharing in those "homemade goodies" and quickly spreading themselves among the many eateries along Norton street.
Great to see so many members share in the experience. One of the most notable things are the smiles and sharing that exists within our member base, It is obvious to friends and members alike!

A memorable event! Thank you IMSMC.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Dayelsford 2018

A Dayelsford Experience

Friday the 19th of October through to Monday the 22nd of October, 33 members of IMSMC participated in a 4 day Dayelsford experience. What a great experience it was!

An early departure down the Hume Hwy, with stops at Pheasants Nest, Yass, Yarrawonga and into Dayelsford.

A Friday Night Dinner at Rubens ,  Breakfasts at Bellinzona, A Saturday Lunch experience at "The Convent". Enjoying the sites & sights of Dayelsford - then a dinner dance  which allowed or a great nights rest.
Fresh on Sunday Morning, a full day bus tour with guide showing us so much that Dayelsford and surrounds has to offer. Our Sunday night experience was something "Truly" special. Our dinner was first class, fit for royalty. A dinner that will most certainly claim to be one of our best - fitting as we continue to celebrate our 10th anniversary!

This concluded our Dayelsford experience. In summary, a safe drive, excellent food & Drink, an eye opening experience and above all; GREAT COMPANY.

We always look forward to the next experience!