Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The last for 2020

On Sunday the 6th of December, the last of our "restricted number" events were held in the Southern Highlands and in the Galston Gorge area.

 The Southern Highlanders met at our usual spot off the Hume Highway at Pheasants Nest. Once we were on our way, we met up with our new member "Sam Nicotra" (WELCOME) who took us on a scenic tour of Berrima, before making our way to Sutton Forrest estate wines. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the Vigneron Nicola. He had prepared a table for his guests, second to none! Before long our members began sharing delights including cheeses and homemade salami's.


Antipasto platters (thanks IMSMC) made their way to the table & surrounds while the boys slaved over the Barbeque plates cooking up a storm for us all. Thanks fellas! Once seated more homemade delights were presented - salads & a great pepperonata Thank you Ladies! 


The day unfolded in the coolness of the Southern Highlands. It concluded with a fine espresso coffee, offered by Nat Stillone . Everyone just wants to GIVE. Thank you all, for making it a memorable day. Mick & Cate Stivala - a brilliant day organised by you! Thank you!


Meanwhile; another group of  members met on the same Sunday  morning, meeting in Lillyfield and cruising through our Sydney streets for a leisurely drive through the Galston Gorge and onto Berowra Waters.  Their drive ending  with a lovely breakfast, offered by IMSMC,  at one of the local cafe’s


Monday, November 30, 2020

Berrima Weekend

On the weekend of the 28th of November, Chapter III, of the Covid restricted events was held in Berrima.

17 of our FIAT 850 members and family,  gathered for a great weekend event. Well... it started off as an 850 event, but due to the hot weather forecast for the weekend, it became a gathering of Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Fiat and Abarths! (each of these brands have 850 technology, somewhere right?)


Our Lunch experience and wine tasting  was held outdoors under thick pine trees of the Bendooley Estate Winery. The pine trees shaded us from the sun and created a cool and pleasant atmosphere. The wine wasn't a bad drop, some opting to purchase a dozen or 3 of Bendooly's finest wines after the tasting!


From there we checked  into our accommodation, the Berrima Bakehouse Motel. Members freshened up and then made their way across the road to the Surveyor General Inn, where we were entertained in the garden by two fine musicians. Later that evening members enjoyed a great meal in air conditioned comfort!


The following morning's breakfast was served at the Berrima Bakehouse. Two Italian Brothers, recently arrived from Italy creating a taste & texture that is rarley found outside of Italy! Amazing crusty bread and excellent cakes! The coffee was pretty good too! 


We really hope to do this event again... driving our Classic 850's ( many variations) in the cooler months of 2021.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

St. Albans Part 2

Sunday the 15th of November, Chapter 2 of the Classic 500's "Covid restricted numbers" event was held in St. Albans. In order to reach our destination, a river crossing was required! There were so many 500's, that the punt's Captain couldn't accommodate us in one crossing! He said he'll do better next time! Maybe next year, in the cooler months - as the conditions were quite challenging! None the less,we did extremely well.

Once again our lunch was excellent - The beverages were ample, having discovered a new way to transport the delicate drop!


Prior to  driving  the 30 km track along the banks of the river, many felt it would be safe to "fill up"... the local Petrol station "just" had enough for our thirsty high powered 500's.


Our day concluded at the CSI Club in Schofields for refreshments with some members opting for an afternoon snack. Each highlighting that the facilities , food & drink  are certainly worth visiting again and again!


Thank you to our 500 members, family & friends for your enthusiasm  and participation over this "memorable" Covid restricted event.


Monday, November 9, 2020

Lunch At St. Albans

Sunday the 8th of November, saw a small group of "Cinquecentisti" make their way to Settlers pub at St. Albans for a great cruise and fantastic lunch!

 Our day began at our meeting place at McGraths Hill Mc Donalds (Thank you sponsor) where we followed Pitt Town Road to Wisemans Ferry. We crossed on the "punt" and cruised to our lunch spot. Busy place!


Upon arrival, our little machines attracted the attention of other patrons. Our Covid marshall quickly expressed 

"Do not touch the cars, take a photo and move on!"

At the conclusion of lunch, we made our way westward along the banks of the river to Sackville and then onto the CSI Club in Schofields for cake, coffee, ice cream and refreshments. Wonderful to have seen some friends at this club. We will be frequenting the CSI quite often in the future, once all logistics are sorted.


This was the first of our "Covid events" where only less than 30 people can participate.. is was "cosy".


A great day had by all.


Thanks to our participants. We look forward to more!

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

IMSMC AGM 2019/2020

Friday the 21st of August, saw 41 members (quorum met!) attend our annual general meeting at the Canada Bay Club, in Five Dock.

Each member was compliant to the new rules regarding social distancing, throughout the night. All guidelines and rules were observed during the proceedings of the evening. It's a new world - it's a requirement.


At the completion of formalities, the  floor was opened for discussion. Members made contributions and the committee has taken on board these points, which will be discussed, summarised,  concluded and presented to all members in the near future.


This year saw  the introduction of two new committee members, as Lino & Oriana De Iulio have left the committee. We thank and acknowledge the contribution that both Lino and Oriana have made to the success of our wonderful club these past 12 years. Thank you!


On that note, we received two nominations, which made the transition very easy. We welcome Corey Hoskin as our club secretary and Robert Losinno into the committee role. Both are enthusiastic members and bring new ideas into the club. Welcome guys!


At the conclusion of the meeting, many members remained for dinner in the club bistro - fine food was served with great efficiency! Thank You Canada Bay Club!


Let's hope these Covid conditions lift, sooner than later, so we can get back to our vibrant club activities!

Monday, June 29, 2020

The Oaks

Sunday the 28th of June, saw close to 50 members participating in our Lunch at The Oaks Hotel.

In a changed world, we observed social distancing - No hugs, kisses or handshakes (that will take a lot of getting used to, but we hope not the case for much longer!)

The car park (reserved by council) for our member cars was packed with Italian Classics!

Discussion among members was plentiful, after all it has been around 5 months since we were last together! As always excellent company made for a great afternoon.

We must thank and highlight the staff at The Oaks Hotel. The service was outstanding and the food was truly exceptional. The have sent a note to us acknowledging that they would love to have us back again & again.

We'll second that!

Monday, February 3, 2020

Membership Breakfast 2020

On Sunday the 2nd of February, over 100 members attended the membership "card collection" breakfast at Terranova bar & restaurant in Horsley Park.

The car park, once again was transformed into an Italian Piazza - the highlight was a significant number of modern 500's - Abarths, 595, competizione's and "ARI Modified!. They look G R E A T !!!

We thank the management and staff of Terranova, the food was plentiful and tasted great!

The service was second to none and our friendly barrista kept up with every coffee need!

Our club raffle was held, bringing smiles and cheer as each prize was awarded. 
Thank you to our sponsors that make this happen!

Naturally, the highlight of the day ,was , as always the social gathering of wonderful people - members, partners, family and friends. 

A huge Thank you to each and every one of "us". It's going to be another G R E A T year at I.M.S.M.C.