Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Festa Della Repubblica at Club Marconi 2023

Festa Della Repubblica at Club Marconi! What a day, we thought we were arriving early, to get organised, yet by the time we arrived - half the club cars were in position! Two hours to go, before we had to be parked!

The attention to our cars was immediate, creating huge interest!

Meanwhile we were "setting up" our stall, parking our cars, setting up teardrop banners and flags. A huge THANK YOU to our helpers, Mick Stivala, Lena Zannello, Tony Albanese, Leo & John Di Rocco, Joe & Barbara Serratore,  for the great assistance in setting up. Cate Stivala, Thank You for your efforts at the club bancarella! We all know its a big job! The Outcome was OUTSTANDING!!!!

Every driver was offered a lunch voucher redeemable at the Club Marconi marquee ( Thankyou Club Marconi!)

At 245 PM, the Marconi Director, Angelo Ruisi, selected 3 top cars. This year, we decided to "select" 3 top cars - NOT 1st, 2nd, 3rd each receiving the same recognition! Congratulations To Vito Mazzotta, Nat Stillone and Tony Campisi!

A special Mention to Diana Gentile, of Club Marconi. Extremely efficient and always very accommodating. Everything ran smoothly!

Lastly, and not least - THANK YOU to all members that participated on the day. 71 members making an appearance, certainly a popular event! Each of our cars looked awesome! Thank you to the members that couldn't bring a car, but were able to make an appearance and participate in the festivities.

2023 Festa Della Repubblica at Club Marconi, was a huge hit and will always be one of our biggest events on the IMSMC social calendar!

We'll do that again & again!