Monday, November 25, 2013

IMSMC Christmas Party 2013

Sunday 24th November 2013 saw 175 members and family celebrate Christmas 2013 at Terranova Bar and Restaurant at Horsley Park. On arrival, our members were greeted by the friendly staff, serving pizza appetisers. Soon afterwards, we were seated, and greeted by the president - then the abundance of food, wine and great company began!

More pizza, pasta, antipasto, grilled octopus followed (that was a light entree!), Then three types of pasta, including a marinara which was exceptional.. in case members were still hungry, beef and pork roast were served as the main meal...did i mention the wine?! The day progressed with more laughter and interaction, when unexpectedly we were surprised by a visit from Santa! All the children received a stocking of chocolate goodies! We would like to thank everyone for supporting our raffle - a special mention to our sponsors: Rose Cara donating a special coffee perculator, Charlie Losinno a car battery charger, Lino &; Ori De Iulio a first aid emergency car kit, Nulon for an array of coolant, cleaning and lubricants.

Nina Stillone for her special homemade biscotti (and tray) and Sight Savers Optometrists (relative of family Losinno) for a His & Hers set of sunglasses, Also the Mediati family also donated a Christmas doll.  To commemorate Christmas(and sticking with tradition) everyone received a mini panettone (Italian Christmas cake), adding to the Christmas celebration and spirit.

A special mention to the staff of Terranova - their service was exceptional and professional - with every guest catered for to the extreme. Their presentation, service and quality of food is truly commendable and greatly appreciated by like-minded, hard working organisers of a wonderfully memorable celebration! On behalf of the committee, thank you to everyone who participated in evernts throughout 2013. Have a happy and safe festive season. We look forward to a prosperous 2014. Enjoy the Christmas spirit with your family and friends. Thanks for your support! You are what makes our club - the ITALIAN MADE SOCIAL MOTORING CLUB. Thank you! Tanti auguri, Buon Natale e Buon Anno!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


On Sunday 27th Oct, IMSMC was one of four clubs that participated in the inaugural Auto Festa as part of the Norton Street Festa di Leichhardt. Our club display was made up of 51 vehicles, dispersed throughout Pioneer Park. The Fiat 500s (and derivatives) amongst the Pencil pine trees and the remainder of our cars parked (Italian style) amongst the Olive trees, creating a display with an "atmosfera Italiana", second to none!
Our extreme thanks to each driver who organised themselves to create this wonderful display. A huge thank you to our volunteer members and committee representatives that gave up so much of their time serving at the club stall and issuing many club profiles and membership forms.
We welcome new member Rod Barrett and his wife Dan, who joined on the day.
They bring a dearly loved X-19 into our stable. Welcome guys! It appears, with every event, a member brings something new! Congratulations to Michael and Cate Stivala with their Fiat 124 appearing for the fist time. A real credit to you guys...a wonderful car!Member Joe Lecce presented his beautifully restored Fiat 500. Nice to have Beppe back Joe!

The Norton Street Festa gives everyone the opportunity to experience food, wine, fashion and engineering from all corners of Italia and beyond! Many members were seen lining up for the famous "porchetta roll, gnocchi and pizza" (to name a few)...interestingly these same members were seen lining up at the corner pub sampling a Peroni or two.

As part of our ongoing 5th birthday celebrations, each member that attended with their vehicle received a medallion commemorating (and recognising) their participation at this event. This was offered on behalf of IMSMC, and with assistance from NRMA Vintage &Veteran Classic Car Insurance. At the conclusion of the day, the paparazzi came alive as the IMSMC members presented the "largest Italian flag" in the country! (well maybe the largest in Leichhardt)! We always look forward to participating in what has always been a major event on our club calendar since 2008. We have been instrumental in creating Auto Festa and will continue to make significant contribution to the status of this event. Thank you all!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Concorso D'Eleganza 2013

On Sunday 22nd Sept, members, family and friends gathered at Gough Whitlam Park to be part of the Concorso D'Eleganza 2013. 4 clubs made up the assembly of fine automobiles. The Alfa Romeo Club of Australia, The Fiat Club of NSW, Italian Made Social Motoring Club and the Lancia Club. In a true and efficient manner, our members entered the park and lined 55 vehicles which graced the lawns of the park. Congratulations to everyone who prepared their vehicles - they all looked magnificent! We compliment the 61 members that attended, in person and brought family and friends with them. Our display was buzzing with people (and papparazzi) all day! The weather was conducive to a mild spring day filled with our members sharing in conversation, food and fine wine! We thank Kathleen Toovey who was our invited guest - we thank her for accepting the role, we knew the judging was not going to be easy! Kathleen gave special mention to Lino De Iulio with his "original 2 door 128", Andy Mendes Lopez with his Split Enz Topolino, and Joe Lecce's 1100...the result of the day went to: 3rd - Enzo Cacciotti 1982 Lancia Beta 2000 coupe 2nd - Robert Losinno 1970 Alfa Romeo 1750 105 1st - Emmanuel Ziino - 1965 Fiat 1800 Sedan Congratulations to all and THANK YOU! We were priviledged to see some new vehicles that form our stable. We welcome first time attendees to our Club, and new members who joined on the day, displaying for the first time - Richard Di Pietro, Michael Sullo, David Iczi, Tony Ruggiero, Eugene Adoncello, Alfred Primerano, Peter Gualtieri and Charles Burman...the family is getting bigger! We acknowledge the invitation and thank the Alfa Romeo owners Club of NSW for their kind invitation. We are assured that our contribution to the day was extremely significant and greatly appreciated!

Monday, August 19, 2013


Sunday the 18th August 37 cars with the presence of 45 members and approximately 120 family and friends, participated in the 2013 Shannons Eastern Creek Classic at the Sydney Motorsport Park. The day was perfect. An abundance of sunshine and an atmosphere long to be remembered! 2 of our members, Emmanual Ziino and Giovanni Ciampa, entered their cars in the Presidents concourse and we are happy to announce that they both picked up awards for the 1951-1960 & 1961-1970 respective classes! Congratulations guys! Our club was the 2nd group to parade around the international raceway. We were commended in the manner in which we moved off from our display area, then onto the marshalling pitt and moved onto the track in an orderly manner (without any assistance from the marshalls) - worthy of an award! The parade was the most colourful and diverse of the entire day...everything from Abarths to Zagatos, sedans, wagons, coupes, spiders, 2 doors & 4 door classics! At the conclusion of our parade, each car was moved back to the display area in a very efficient manner, again worthy of an award! Before too long, boots began to pop and eskies began to appear, producing a morning tea fit for royalty! It was certainly a day where our cars, with our members and friends, attracted the attention of like minded people. Many visitors exclaiming how wonderful our display looked. Many took notice of the sweet sound of the high revving Italian stallions, creating a special interest in our fine tuned Italian specialties! We proudly acknowledge the commaraderie of our club and the special effort of each member to have created an impact on the day, reflecting the contribution that the ITALIAN MADE SOCIAL MOTORING CLUB makes for the "historic car movement" in every public appearance. Well done ladies and gentlemen of IMSMC. An award winning performance!

Monday, August 12, 2013


What a day! Sunday 11th August 2013, a perfect spring day in the middle of winter! Sydney put on a day that will be long remembered! 35 IMSMC vehicles lined the streets of Five Dock, along with many Italian stalls containing food, wine and other items from all over Italy, celebrating FERRAGOSTO 2013! The celebrations were attended by at least 75000 people. Our cars arrived at 8.30AM and were in position by 9AM. The cars were presented by the owners in spectacular form - colours from a bygone era! Our display attracted many people and the questions followed. The IMSMC bancarella (stall) was looked after by the women/staff and our "club juniors", doing a fantastic job of selling our merchandise and promoting our club! Short black coffee along with brioche and other pastries were enjoyed by many. Lunch was a difficult choice as the food was in abundance. The home-made gnocchi were great..a number of members were seen eating the traditional porchetta roll (some twice in the day!!) while others had pizza and a variety of pasta, and other dishes (too many to list here). A few members were seen having light refreshments at the corner pub - of course the location of our display was strategically placed! As the day rolled on, many members were involved in discussion, laughter and smiles, as the interest in our club and cars continued throughout the remainder of the afternoon. Great to see the great number of members that could not attend all day, come to see us throughout the day! A very successful event. We would like to thank all of our members and friends that attended, and congratulate everyone, including the staff at Canada Bay Council on a tremendous effort and result! On a sad note - Ricky Daniele died on stage doing what he loved best. You will remember that Ricky provided our floor show at our 2012 Ball....On behalf of IMSMC, we offer Ricky's family our condolences. He was a true ICON for Italo Australians and he will be sadly missed.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

AGM 2012/2013

On Friday 2nd August our Annual General Meeting for 2012/2013 was held at Club Marconi. 70 members and family participated in the meeting, which was also an "official" 5th birthday celebration for IMSMC! President of Club Marconi, Mr Vince Foti, formally opened the meeting and congratulated our efforts and results. We have a wonderful association with Club Marconi - their support is greatly appreciated and reciprocated. Once the formalities were presented, the new committee was announced. We would like to thank Mr Joe Lecce, a foundation member of IMSMC, who stepped down from his committee position, welcoming Rose Cara into the position. Welcome Rose, we look forward to working with you and implementing your ideas! The traditional pasta meal was supplied to everyone, courtesy of IMSMC, including a 5th birthday cake (another one)! Our club raffle was held...we would like to thank our sponsors of the night - Prodata Pty Limited,Gerardo & Frances Mediati, Giovanna & Tony Romeo, Lino & Oriana De Iulio and IMSMC for the prizes. Members were invited to express their ideas which are always welcome. Accolades were many! Member Charlie Losinno was presented with the President's award for 2012/2013, as Charlie has attended 100% of club events, including 100% of committee meetings and club surveys. A true reflection of an IMSMC passionista! thanks Charlie A number of club AV presentations were viewed by all. These were prepared by Daniel, Christian & Gabriella Cipri (Losinno grandchildren) - thank you to them! A 5 year summary DVD was viewed, summarising 2008-2012 inclusive, organised by yours truly! certainly great memories! The opportunity to purchase this DVD is open to all members. It has been a pleasure being associated with a wonderful group of passionate members of which, i believe, to be the most active motoring club of Sydney..possibly the state (maybe even the country)! THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Monday, July 22, 2013


Oh what a weekend! 55 members, family and friends made Thornleigh McDonalds our rendezvous! Our departure was predictably half hour later than planned but we are getting better!

Straight up the F3, with many passersby honking horns with smiles on their faces! Charlie Losinno and Roberto Mattei, opting to drive their Dante Giacosa Fiat 500s, left 20 minutes before the "faster cars", yet it was approximately 100kms up the freeway before we caught them! I was happy to sit behind these 2 beautiful machines for the last 50kms of the freeway drive, happily sitting on 100km/h. Viva la cinque cento!

Our first stop was Draytons winery, some members deciding to take a more scenic route to our first location...where the owners happily provided sampling - the stand out being a red - "Little Prick" A wine that is being used as a prostate awareness product - these days its a blood test! (just a little prick of a needle)!

It was lunch time and we utilised the facilities at Draytons, and in true IMSMC style there was enough food to conservatively feed 5 times the amount of people in attendance! We tasted "home made salami" from 5 different regions of Italia! (and cheese, prosciutto, schnitzel, olives, eggplants, finest breads and wine!)

After lunch we visited 2 other wineries - Petersons,  and our great friends and club sponsors First Creek Wines. Many a purchase was made by the enthusiastic "tasters". Time to go back to the Cumberland Inn to have a rest and freshen up...instead the party continued on the verandah outside our rooms! Discussion, laughter and interest in what each had to say (in abundance)! Our next stop was Pedens steakhouse, where alot of the same continued!

It was wonderful to see the number of "extended family and friends" of our members that attended this event - no doubt about it, "good attracts good"..we feel that there are some purchases of Classic Italian cars in the pipeline, all of a sudden!

"Hats off" to Sebastian Ferla who recently completed a restoration of his Alfa - the result is a magnificent 1982 concourse condition Alfa Spider! and he drives it! good on ya Seb! I understand the smile! Maiden voyage and you couldn't have chosen a better weekend!

After 15 years of being parked in the family garage, Nat Stillone has put back on the road his 1968 Alfa 1300 GT Junior - great to see another classic resurrected Nat! Sweet sound (and you look good in it too)

Sunday morning breakfast was held in the Hunter Valley Gardens where we made the most of the leftovers! If we planned to have remained for a week, we'd still have had enough food for 5 more breakfasts! Not that there's anything wrong with that!

The morning passed and it was time to leave..for some, one more stop at the Hunter Barn, where purchases of lollies and sweets topped off a wonderful weekend! Naturally we're now planning 2014!

Friday, June 14, 2013


On Sunday 19th June, 16 cars and 27 members with family attended the Maggio's Cafe Breakfast, with compliments from IMSMC.

New member Andrew Maggio provided each person with a great value breakfast including coffee on arrival, cakes, omelettes....and more coffee before departure! Welcome to our club Andrew and THANK YOU!

Our day began at meeting point -  Nat Stillone's Gladeville Auto Body Works - on approach we were greeted by a "Police operation"...our cars having an impact on the young officers, as I distinctly recall them "dropping the hair dryers" (hand held speed cameras), removing their caps and scratching their heads!! and naturally a huge smile from each of them! that's my story and i'm sticking to it!
Nat Stillone provided a tour of his workshop - certainly some special vehicles as works in progress. Thanks Nat!

At approx 8.30AM our cavalcade started along Victoria Road, Burns Bay Road, Epping Road onto the Pacific Highway, Falcon Street then into Miller Street where we were greeted by Andrew and the many patrons that were having a "quiet" Sunday morning breakfast. Quickly the word spread and many visitors made their way to the cafe, admiring our special Italian Made machines. We were visited by Jason Hodges (from Better Homes & Gardens). He is a very good friend of Andrews and he absolutely loves our cars!
(many of our lady members went weak at the knees and Jason happily obliged with photos! mmm)

It was great to meet new member Pietro Lavenuta & wife Chiara, with their lovely 2012 Fiat 500 Abarth - Pietro's car attracting a great deal of attention - lovely car Pietro!

Before long it was time to leave and, like a scene out of "The Italian Job", our machines invaded Miller Street and dispersed, homeward bound! A great morning sharing in great company! thank you all!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Festa Della Repubblica 2013

Sunday the 26th of May, our club presented 38 Italian Classics & 50 members participating in the celebrations, at our Annual Ruotte Classiche at Club Marconi as part of the Festa Della Repubblica celebrations! Thank you to you all!

What a celebration! By 8:30am our cars departed from the Stockland Mall Shopping Centre car park, bound for Club Marconi. As we are a very efficient & well organised machine, our display area was not quite ready for our arrival, however in the "cool & calm" reactive way that we are famous for, our cars were parked, then moved again into what became a very picturesque display of our famous "pride & joy". Thank you for the co-operation exhibited by all!
Our Club stall was set up, adding to the "rare & unique" opportunities that our club provides to the general public. Our stall proved to be very popular, requiring a huge effort by Oriana De Iulio & Maria Losinno and all the helpers, Nina Stillone, Cate Stivala,Caroline Portelli & Carmel Losinno Gabriella Cipri, Christian, Daniel, Daniel ,Christian and Christian & Daniel! - Thank you EVERYONE (hope I haven't forgotten anyone!!).

Before long the festivities began, with the scent of BBQ, Pizza, Porchetta, pasta, cannoli, lupini and all "things Italian" in abundance. Music, traditional dance, singing and dancing evolved as the day progressed.

Each IMSMC driver received a commemorative memento Keyring as recognition of participation and continued celebration of our 5th Birthday year! The next opportunity to receive these will be at each forthcoming event.

Our car display was extremely well frequented by the public all day...many of our members requiring a great deal of refreshment as they were "all talked out" by the end of the day.

The Marconi executive committee along with the Italian Consular General, voted for the Best 3 cars of the day. Congratulations to Charlie Losinno - 1950 FIAT Topolino, Lloyd Jamieson 1969 Fiat 500F and a very special Best car of the Day awarded to Helen Chantel, 1968 Fiat 500 Convertible Vignale/Gamini. President of Club Marconi Vince Foti extremely impressed to learn that Helen does "so much" of the work on her car herself! Helen was extremely surprised and full of gratitude, as in the 40+ years of owning her Classic, received an award for the very first time! Congratulations Helen.

A special mention to one of our newest and "younger members", Michael Inferera. Michael presented to us his 1983 Alfa GTV...wonderful detail Michael and very Shiny!!! Pat Marando, also presenting a recently acquired Fiat 124 CC - that's a great find Pat!

Leo Di Rocco presented his recently rebuilt/restored, 1968 Fiat 1000OT Abarth coupe. Certainly a crowd pleaser and wonderfully presented motoring Classic!

David Mirabella presented his Fiat 500 F for the first time!

Keep these amazing cars coming guys!

A very eventful day. Full of entertainment, enjoyment and a surprise or two, even at the very end of the Day! It's amazing how we always "bond" in the moment of need. Thanks Charlie Losinno & Andy Mendes-Lopes for assisting Leo Di Rocco in his need of a trailer...nothing serious, just a bad earth, which prevented lights from working on the way home - best be safe than sorry and always look forward to the next opportunity to be part of the great IMSMC!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wollongong Chestnut Festival

On Sunday the 19th of May, 13 cars created a wonderful display at the Fraternity Club in North Wollongong.

Our 8:00am meeting time, went very well. Our departure soon after, saw a cavalcade of Italian machines which the Hume Highway is becoming accustomed to! It was approximately 7 degrees and our cars loved it, each performing and sounding great.

Our arrival and arrangement went without any difficulty. Immediately the interest of the public was aroused, our cars definitely laying claim to being a major attraction for the remainder of the day! Shortly after our arrival, John Di Rocco & Robert Losinno, received a compliment from the BBQ staff (probably the biggest BBQ on the south coast!) as they were the very first clients of the day! The perfect breakfast - a steak sandwich!!!

As the day progressed, the organisers provided a number of bags of roasted Chestnuts and each driver received a lunch voucher, allowing them to sample an Italian sausage pannino (or two) again from the BBQ. Sandy Stillone "extended" the girls at the coffee machine - I think his order was for 26 espresso's?...Thank's Sandy!

Our departure time of 3:30pm arrived - with a single file of Italian Classic exiting with that "continental rumble"... naturally creating further interest from the public.

A wonderful day, glorious weather, excellent company and a great drive too!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ettalong Italia Festa 13'

On Saturday & Sunday the 20th & 21st of April, 19 members of IMSMC in 11 cars, braved the elements and are congratulated in attending the Italian Festa at the Ettalong Beach Tourist Resort (EBTR).
Saturday, the weather was looking dubious at best, but each of the 11 drivers were determined to see that filters and wipers were all "in top shape" and braved one of the heaviest rainy days that the Sydney metro has seen in a very long time.

Our head car was the Alfa Carabinieri car (Thanks Charlie & Maria) as they navigated our way toward the EBTR. And what a drive it was, as Charlie lead us on a lovely scenic tour of inland roads as we descended toward our destination.

On arrival we were quick to book into our rooms, set up our display and head for our first restaurant stop @ ToTo's, for lunch. The afternoon progressed in great company. Many passers by questioning each of the owners about our wonderful machines.
Before long it was time to enjoy more food, wine, song and great company, as we gathered at "La Fiamma" pizzeria and restaurant for a magnificent and complimentary five course meal (thanks IMSMC) and "Shed Red" (thanks Di Rocco's). No shortage of chilli for the pizza e pasta too! It's amazing how everyone wants to "give to one another "...a real family atmosphere! Our evening  came to a close where each participant went to the comfort of their rooms (some requiring less encouragement than others!).

Sunday morning, the sky was blue, the sun was shining - a significant contrast to the day before. We gathered for breakfast (no doubt about the IMSMC appetite!). Sunday unfolded with thousands of people visiting and enjoying the cooking, coffees, drink, music and entertainment, all of Italian flavour! Our cars were frequented by all, as we were displayed at the very entrance to the resort. NBN news (Central Coast) also showed our cars in the 6:00pm News! It is amazing to watch people, as they enter our display, an immediate smile comes to their face - what is it about our cars? Obviously a joyous sight!

Before long, the weekend came to a conclusion with an IMSMC exit - flashing lights, honking horns, revving engines and waves from the general public in appreciation of our contribution to a very memorable weekend. The organisers have asked us to assure them, that we'll be there next year!

Another excellent weekend - THANK YOU!!!