Sunday, March 7, 2021

Magaziino Breakfast

Sunday the 7th of March, in a covid safe environment, 60 members (40 Italian machines) participated in our first breakfast at "IL MAGAZIINO" catered by Dom Panino!

Compliments to our Covid Marshalls that made sure all complied. Thank you to the members that arrived and departed at the times they indicated, as this allowed the "private event" to go forward smoothly, not exceeding safe allowable numbers at any one time in the quadrangle. Alessandro Romeo ( future President) working tirelessly, making sure all guidelines were met! Thanks Alessandro!

The food was amazing - Thank you to Dom and all the staff of Dom Panino, for cooking and serving gracefully & efficiently. If we were to advertise our favourite panino, we would have to advertise the whole menu! The food was so good, that most remained until the early afternoon and had lunch as well!

The streets of Breakfast Point/Mortlake were transformed into the streets of Piacenza, our cars creating the perfect scenery with the backdrop of apartments in the area.

At the conclusion of the day, we had a surprise visitor (on a casual basis) comedian Joe Avati paid us an unexpected visit! See if you can spot him in the group photo... he's the one not wearing the IMSMC shirt! The other guy in black is Dom! Thanks Dom, for a great experience!

A huge thankyou to Tony Portelli & Rob Losinno for the preparations of "Il Magaziino" and the parking arrangements. Thankyou to Caroline Portelli for her efficient work in distributing the complimentary coffee Vouchers to all IMSMC visitors & participants. On a final note, our compliments and EXTREME Thanks to Emmanuel & Gina Ziino. Thank you for your hospitality and the HUGE SUPPORT you offer our club. Your contributions ( in more ways than one) are extremely significant and greatly appreciated! THANK YOU.

We must do this again!