Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Chestnut Run 2016 (Pasquetta)

Sunday the 28th of May saw 90 IMSMC members, family and friends attend the annual Pasquetta Picnic. This year being held at Nutwood Farm at Mount Irvine. 

Our intention was to leave our meeting place at 7:30am and right on time, 8:30am, we were on our way.
 The drive into "Sydney's back yard" is amazing. Straights, winds, inclines, declines and speed camera's made for a stimulating drive... A truly picturesque "almost rally" driving experience as we made our way to Mount Irvine, via Mount Wilson. Upon arrival, we were issued buckets, to pick our own Chestnuts & Walnuts. Some opting to stay back and get the BBQ's happening. It's  amazing when we get together, as we all share our cuisine...and in true fashion, I think we brought 3 weeks worth of food! Good thing it was leftovers from the Easter Sunday Feast!!   

The owners of Nutwood farm, were extremely welcoming and arranged a "commemorative plaque, courtesy of "Maserati" presenting us with this as a memento of our visit. It's always noticeable how much we help each other with those little mechanical "hic- ups" that happen on these long trips! :-) A great day,weather perfect, fine company. An event we look forward to again! 

Happy Pasquetta!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Membership Breakfast.

On Sunday the 13th of March, our Annual Happy New Year Membership Breakfast was held at the Oran Park Cafe', where members came to collect their membership cards and "officially" open the events calendar for 2016!
90 members with what appeared to be 100 cars, graced the event in various attendance, the car park transformed into a scene of the finest gatherings of Classic Italian Cars comparable to anywhere in Italy.
Vintage, Veteran, Historic, Modern and Classic Italian Automobiles in one place is a rare sight...certainly bringing a smile to many!
With brief formalities over, including a "brindisi" with a fine drop of complimentary Prossecco, our members & guests enjoyed a breakfast of abundance.
Our Club raffle was held, with many aiming to win the "3 stooges poster" which was the most popular prize!... winners are grinners!
Welcome to 2016. The year has many events planned and in the planning, catering for the interests of all.