Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Party

Sunday the 21st of November saw 158 members family and friends attended the 2010 Christmas party at Martha's Caffe in Vineyard. The day was full of surprises; The weather was splendid, more members attended our Christmas Lunch than previous years...

Many members drove their classics to the venue. The car park definitley highlighted that something "special" was happening! Appetiser pizza was served, the refreshments were in ample supply. The verandah was a buzz with conversation and laughter.

Before long, we moved into the restaurant. After a brief address by our president, the buffet was opened for all to enjoy. Later in the afternoon our raffle was held, with an array of prizes offerred by our club sponsors and supporters - Thank you ; Prodata, MasterTouch Automotive, Di Rocco Family, De Iulio Family, Frances & Gerardo Mediati, NRMA Vintage & Veteran Insurance and IMSMC.

The surprises kept coming, with a visit from Santa Claus. All the children received a Christmas stocking from Santa. Then each adult received a Mini Pandoro provided with the great support of Campisi Delicatessen in Austral.

Coffee, fresh summer fruits and a wonderful cake was served with a closing speech from the President and final word from Mr Giuseppe Lecce, thanking the efforts of the committee and the support of all the new and familiar faces in attendance.

The greatest reward for the committee is the event attendance and success! This is a true reflection of the on-going efforts of our club committee. Thank you to everybody that makes up the IMSMC family. The family continues to grow which brings a new challenge.... finding a restaurant that is big enough to cater for 150+ people with a car park in the Sydney metropolitan area! Bring on 2011. Merry Christmas everyone. Have a happy & safe festive season.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Norton St. Festa 2010

Sunday the 21st saw 21 members of IMSMC and their cars participate in the 2010 Norton Street Festa. Our meeting place being the Office-works car park on Parramatta road. While at the car-park many members shared a "story or two" about their trip in: the public cannot but help notice our cars.

After a brief induction The Cavalcade to Norton Street was underway. What a sight. 21 Italian Classics on Parramatta Road - it felt like it was 1967!!! 99% of surrounding traffic, actually allowed the bulk of our cavalcade to stay together...Thank YOU Sydney!!

Upon arrival, our impact was immediate. Our cars were surrounded all day...every member keeping a watchful eye on one anothers cars and being kept occupied answering many questions of the 1000's of visitors to our display.

Throughout the day members had the opportunity to visit the many coffee shops, ice cream bars, food stalls and purchase the many "Italian Delights" on offer throughout Norton Street.

Our Club Stall was kept active - Unbelievable "bunch of Salespeople" exist in our club. Your efforts being very fruitful, with our club selling lots of merchandise.

Arguably, the car of the day that deserves special mention is the wonderfully restored &presented FIAT 1924 501C Tourer, owned by Inez (and Norm) Mitchell! A true credit to you and a pleasure to have such a wonderful (rare and special) motor-vehicle as part of our club. A definite attraction and significant contribution to our display at the Norton Street Festa.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

500 Photoshoot

On Sunday the 17th of October, our Club Fiat 500's gathered for a photo shoot, complete with picturesque skyline including the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. 19 of our Club Fiat 500's gathered for the occasion day which included the drive, stop over for a coffee at "Bar Italia" on Norton Street Leichhardt and then weaving through the Sydney arterial roadways; bound for Club Marconi.

Like a scene from the original "Italian Job", our 500's (no mini's here!) made their way along Parramatta Road, M4 freeway and onto Cumberland Highway, toward Club marconi! Many people in the traffic waving, honking and commenting on how our little cars moved and at times overtook the slower vehicles along the way.

Our Club members were well catered for by the staff of Club Marconi, allowing our classics to be parked "underground" behind closed gates for security purposes.

Like clock work, we moved into Oscars Trattoria where we enjoyed a refreshing beverage, soon to be served our antipasto then a mixed platter of 3 different pasta's. Tortellini Boscaiola, Spaghetti Marinara, Penne con Pesto. As Lunch settled with a good wine, hot olives, anchovies and to everyone's surprise, our chef Francesco offered, with compliments, and array of Pizza's! Coffee was served to "top off" a wonderful day!

A huge THANK YOU to James Stillone. James gave up his day to act as official photographer. James your expertise and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated. Also, our great appreciation to Maurizio Puglisi & Enzo Cacciotti of Mastrertouch Automotive. They were our official "support vehicle" in case of any "mishaps" with our iconic little cars. Fortunately, they were not kept busy - but it did give us great peace of mind knowing they were there to protect and assist.

We look forward to creating and maintaining the attention to ITALY'S LITTLE ICONIC CAR and photograph our cars in the best City in the world - Our city of Sydney.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Burwood Spring Classic

Sunday the 19th of September, saw 20 vehicles of IMSMC arrange a colourful display, partaking in the Burwood Spring Fair.

The day was full of activity, including rides, farm animals, International Food stalls - music and many classic cars of all makes and models on display ranging from the Classic Fiat 500 to 457 Chev's!

A huge number of people visited our display, the Gelato Bar effect that the colours that each of our club cars create is a serious attraction.

Member Dino Capozzi presented his BEAUTIFUL Monte Carlo (Monte Dino) - Maden voyage for Dino and his machine. A true credit to you Dino and the "engineer" that assisted in creating this magnificent mid engine classic.

Once again, we must thank the many members that (without their cars) made the effort to visit us on the day, bringing with them their children (and grand children) to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere in Burwood Park.

Member Rando Finochiaro was kept busy all in day in his Ice Cream Van - many members enjoying the gracious efforts and "offerings" by Rando! Thanks!

Monday, September 13, 2010

South Western Classic

On Saturday the 11th of September, IMSMC participated in the South Western Classic, held at Thomas Hassall College, Hoxton Park. 17 members presented their cars in spectacular fashion. A number of other members visited on the day, as their cars were unavailable to participate. We thank them for taking the opportunity to visit fellow members and contribute to the "mood" of the day.

Our day began with a meeting at Stocklands Car park Bossley Park and right on time, at 8:30am, the thoroughbreds made their way to Hoxton Park. We had a brief "static display" on the corner of Bossley Road and Cowpasture road, whilst Maria Losinno sorted out an "electrical situation" with her cinquecento!

As we made our way toward the College, Cowpasture Road was transformed into an Italian "Strada", (some members looking, but not stopping at 1 (or was it 2?) sets of traffic lights!)

Upon arrival, our cars had immediate impact! A very mild 20C at 9:30am - sun shining and highlighting the "mod colours" of each of our classics. Food, dance, fun, rides and great company, soon unveiled. We were surrounded by classics and street machines from many clubs with some amazing engineering!

Our committee organised a pizza lunch for all who attended, (we certainly know how to eat!). At the business part of the day our Club was awarded the BEST CLUB DISPLAY!

A wonderful result for each of our enthusiastic participants. Further, the prize money ($500) was spread equally amongst 5 of our members...sharing the prizes were:
John Di Rocco, Riccardo Cappolino, Maurizio Puglisi, Lloyd Jamieson & Gerardo Mediati. Congratulations to our winners.

At the conclusion to the day, the event organisers offered an extreme amount of gratitude and are hopeful of our participation next year.

Thank you to each participant - your enthusiasm is greatly appreciated and is obviously well noted by the public.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eastern Creek

On Sunday the 22nd of August, IMSMC created a static display of 26 Italian cars at the Shannons Eastern Creek Classic (SECC).

Our display was fantastic! Many a passersby commented on the wonderful array of colours and varying styles of our vehicles. We were surrounded by approximately 1800 classics of all shape, size and model. The Council of Motor Clubs (CMC) is proudly boasting that the SECC is "probably" the largest gathering of Classic motor vehicles in the Southern Hemisphere.

Many of our members, and visitors, purchased memorabilia from the stalls around pit lane - some fortunate to discover some "rare" finds. The day also proved worthwhile for a number of our club sponsors, introducing themselves to visitors with classic cars! Quite a few membership forms were issued to interested visitors - we anticipate a few new members; we certainly established contact with clubs of other Italian Marques.

Late in the afternoon at around 3:15pm, our lap was underway. Like a scene back in time - it looked like something out of 1967 at Nurburguring racetrack!

One member remarked after the lap that there is nothing like the sound & feel of an Italian Motor @ 6000rpm! Frankly, we couldn’t agree with them more.

A wonderful display from members of IMSMC, to all that were with us on the day, we would like to thankyou all.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Friday the 6th of August IMSMC's Annual General Meeting was held at Club Marconi, in the Oscar/Elettra room. 43 financial members with partners made up 65 attendees.

After a brief word of thanks and report from the club executives the committee for 2010/2011 was announced.

7 nominations were received filling the committee positions.

The committee is;

John Di Rocco - President

Charlie Losinno - Vice president

Lino De Iulio - Secretary

Leo Di Rocco - Treasurer & Club Registrar

Oriana De Iulio - Committee

Giuseppe Lecce - Committee

Maria Losinno - Committee

Member Tony Romeo announced the new committee for 2010/2011.

New members were given the opportunity to present themselves (and their cars) to the assembly. A number of issues were raised - all ideas welcomed and taken on board. Gerardo mediati presented a catalogue for the benefit of any Fiat 500 member wishing to upgrade or restore a 500.

Our annual Ball for 2011 was announced - the night of nights, to be held at Castel D'Oro in Five Dock on Saturday the 26th of February 2011. All details are posted on our events page and you will be reminded as we approach the date!

Many thanks to our sponsors, namely; Mastertouch Automotive, Gladesville Auto Body Works, NRMA VVC Insurance and R & M Automotives for their raffle prize donation.Their contribution allowed us to raise over $300 on the night.

Many members also took the opportunity to purchase Club Merchandise including caps, Shirts and club jackets.

We had a guest speaker, Mr. David Snape from the NRMA Vintage & Veteran car Insurance. David spoke briefly about his product, generating much discussion. David also shared his experience of 30+ years working for the well known insurance company. David was particularly impressed with the number of "ladies" that were part of our club."Truly refreshing to see so many members with their partners" David, later commented on this again and also exclaimed at the "structure and professionalism" of our club. A big thank you to you all for your contribution Ladies & Gentlemen.

With formalities completed, we each received a complimentary plate of Pasta - Penne Boscaiola & Tortellini Napoletana. Discussions and laughter continued throughout the night, while images and video of 2009/2010 events were on display on the big screen.

At midnight it was time to "wrap it up" some members continued to enjoy the wonderful facilities at Club Marconi.

Many thanks for the significant attendance and involvement, we look forward to maintaining the momentum and fulfilling the expectations of each member in the coming year!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hunter Valley Tour

Members and friends were up bright and early meeting at McDonalds, Thornleigh. All in anticipation to get on the road and make our way toward the Hunter valley wine region. The morning started with a big breakfast and a large cappuccino. The drive to the Hunter valley was a dream as the new and classics powered up the F3 highway and into wine growing country.

The usual waves of appreciation were received from passing motorists along the way. We arrived at our hotel the Comfort Inn where we met up with other members of car clubs in the Hunter region; we unloaded our vehicles and made ready to commence our tour. Our first stop was Tyrells winery where we were given a tour of their wine making facility and then onto a private wine tasting.

We had a picnic lunch on the grounds at Tyrells where everyone contributed to the table and what a feed followed! Lunch took a little longer than anticipated, just highlighting not complaining. We next moved onto the Hunter valley gardens, the chocolate and lolly shop proved to be very popular!

Onto McGuigans for more wine tasting according to some members by this time it all tasted the same, the Semillon botrytis was a huge hit with many.

Onto our next stop “HOPE”, upstairs and through the Great Cask hall and into a specially prepared private area where a very well presented and professional wine tasting experience followed. Smelly cheese anyone?

At this stage it was time to return to our rooms to freshen up and make ready for dinner. The scotch fillet was exceptional and cooked to perfection the chefs at Pedens. Dinner was followed by coffee and desert. At dinner we were joined by very good friends of IMSMC Warren and Laurel Buckingham from CIAO (Classic Italian Automobile Organization) we are sure to share in events with this enthusiastic club!

Sunday morning started with a home-style country cooked breakfast and then members made their way onto the Chocolate factory. Upon arrival and entering the factory we could feel the kilos piling on just by breathing. Onto First Creek our first winery for the day, here we enjoyed some good local wines even a desert wine made from raspberries. You have to watch these vignerons they will start making wine from rapene seeds…

Many after First creek decided it was time to depart and return to Sydney, while others decided to visit The Blue Tongue brewery where we had lunch washed down with a handcrafted refreshing ale.

What a great weekend!

See you next year.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Marulan Fund Raiser

Sunday the 4th of July, saw seven members of IMSMC make the trip to the Marulan Driver Training Centre and participate in a fund raiser to support the childrens ward of Goulburn hospital.

We once again gathered at the Mobil Truckstop at Pheasants Nest and departed at 8:00am and made our way south. On a cool winters morning, the cars purrred. Our convoy keeping the surrounding traffic alert...amazing how many people point and smile as we over take!.

A very special mention to Charlie Losinno and Giuseppe Lecce. Both Charlie & Giuseppe drove their 500's ALL the way and drove home. They averaged 90 to 100km/h the whole way. We take our hats off to you both and congratulate you on your adventure! A great contribution toward the celebration of the birthday of the Fiat 500, which is celebrated on July 4th. Charlie & Giuseppe's adventure certainly dispells any doubt regarding the reliability of a Fiat 500 on long trips! Rumor has it that they both leave for Darwin tomorrow!

IMSMC donated $100 to the Hospital and our members raised close to another $100 on the day. A lady came over to our club display and thanked us immensly. She greatly appreciated our efforts and truly highlighted the significance of our contribution to the success of the day. Whilst speaking to us, she then "let slip" that she was infact the Mayor of Marulan! Well at that the IMSMC Boys "went to work" - hats came off, bowing , hand shakes and a number of "eeh, oowee, ehhie yeah" could be heard, one of our members genuflected expecting to be knighted!

A very satisfying day - the drive to and from was most memorable - and we feel like we did a good thing for the wider community.