Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Marulan Fund Raiser

Sunday the 4th of July, saw seven members of IMSMC make the trip to the Marulan Driver Training Centre and participate in a fund raiser to support the childrens ward of Goulburn hospital.

We once again gathered at the Mobil Truckstop at Pheasants Nest and departed at 8:00am and made our way south. On a cool winters morning, the cars purrred. Our convoy keeping the surrounding traffic alert...amazing how many people point and smile as we over take!.

A very special mention to Charlie Losinno and Giuseppe Lecce. Both Charlie & Giuseppe drove their 500's ALL the way and drove home. They averaged 90 to 100km/h the whole way. We take our hats off to you both and congratulate you on your adventure! A great contribution toward the celebration of the birthday of the Fiat 500, which is celebrated on July 4th. Charlie & Giuseppe's adventure certainly dispells any doubt regarding the reliability of a Fiat 500 on long trips! Rumor has it that they both leave for Darwin tomorrow!

IMSMC donated $100 to the Hospital and our members raised close to another $100 on the day. A lady came over to our club display and thanked us immensly. She greatly appreciated our efforts and truly highlighted the significance of our contribution to the success of the day. Whilst speaking to us, she then "let slip" that she was infact the Mayor of Marulan! Well at that the IMSMC Boys "went to work" - hats came off, bowing , hand shakes and a number of "eeh, oowee, ehhie yeah" could be heard, one of our members genuflected expecting to be knighted!

A very satisfying day - the drive to and from was most memorable - and we feel like we did a good thing for the wider community.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Bowral Run

Sunday the 27th of June, on what was the coldest winter morning so far this year, saw 15 IMSMC vehicles, along with 30+ of our members & Family for our day trip to Bowral.

Our first stop was to re-group at Pheasant’s nest and after a hot cappuccino by 9:00am we were south bound on the Hume Hwy, cruising toward Bowral and onto Centennial Winery, where we met our invited guests from the Fiat Club of ACT.

Our wine tasting session was most enjoyable and informative, picking up some interesting Aboriginal vocabulary and it’s meaning! Our very gracious "somiliere", Jenny, running us through a variety of wines both red, white and rose’.

Soon enough, a request for "desert wines" saw Jenny bring out the Autumn late harvest Chardonnay, which was a major hit amongst the "tasters" and highly recommended!

A couple of "big fellas" were seen soon after leaving the cellar door after purchasing a case each!

At 12:30am we made our way to Glebe Park for a picnic lunch - sandwiches, olives, chilli, cakes, sausages (in no particular order) were plentiful around the tables of members and their families, ensuring that no one went hungry! The afternoon progressed with a great deal of discussion & laughter - the compulsory game of "picnic soccer" and an espresso coffee!

Many thanks to Oriana De Iulio, for her efforts in organising and coordinating a most memorable run to Bowral.