Monday, June 2, 2014

Ruote Classiche Festa Della Repubblica Club Marconi.

Sunday the 1st of June saw 42 x IMSMC cars along with 70+ members and family, participating in the annual celebration held at Club Marconi, the occasion Italy becoming a Republic!
 Our day began at Stocklands, where we assembled, extended greetings, welcomed our new members and discussed our display for the day, whilst looking to the skies and asking every saint, to be ensured that it would not rain, as all weather reports indicated that it would!
As we made our way to Club Marconi, we were greeted by many onlookers, from balcony's and windows of residential Bossley Park!
Once we arrived at our display area, our cars were arranged in category, the most FIAT 500's assembled in quite some time, 600, Topolino, 850's, 130's, 131,1100, 128's, 124's, 1500's, Alfa GTV's, 105's, a Lancia and a Beautiful 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo bicolore, special edition,  presented by member Johnny Panuccio....Wonderful looking car Johnny, congratulations and thanks for your participation!
The day unfolded with all things Italian, cannoli, torrone, cakes, sausages, arrancini, pannini, pizza, pasta, wine and castagne! All visitors were able to enjoy the full club facilities (many were seen visiting on a number of ocassions).
At approximately 2:30pm, member Tony Campisi, brought to the club stall, what appeared to be about 3000 pannini, especially prepared for us! Thanks Tony, a very gracious gesture - and they tasted wonderful too!
Unbeleiveably there was actually one left, which nobody wanted to eat, as every member had received a lunch voucher (which had been surrendered by approx 11:00am) by most members! one went home hungry!!!!
At 3:00pm, the Marconi executive committee, came to our display, to judge and give recognition to the top three cars, as voted by them! Right on cue, the heavens openned up and DOWN CAME THE RAIN! It was cosy, under a string of umbrella's, as the announcements and presentations took place, as follows;
3rd - Johnny Losinno ( 1989 Alfa 75 - The Carabiniere Machine!)2nd - Giuseppe Lecce ( 1960 FIAT 1100 Riviera)

1st - Carmine Losinno ( 1950 Fiat Topolino)
The "judges" highlighted how increasingly difficult it is becoming to pick the winners, as the quality of our vehicles are outstanding! You are all complimented in the level of passion that is reflected in the manner in which you present your vehicles!
Thank you everyone for your participation. Marconi Festa Della Repubblica is one of our highlight annual events, where we can "give back" to Club Marconi, a little something for the wonderful support they offer our club, throughout the year!