Thursday, September 3, 2015

Griffith Sausage Festa.

On the weekend of Sat, the 29th of August, 35 of our members & family participated in the Sausage Festival of Griffith.
 11 Classics gathered for the drive, completing over 1100km’s in 3 days.
Our cavalcade to one of the major country towns was a “drivers delight”. Each vehicle maintaining correct speeds, occupying the remote roads of country NSW. What a sight! Our first visit was to the Gademo meat works, where we were greeted by a large number of visitors enjoying the local cuisine & hospitality; everyone swarming to our cars for a closer look. It was wonderful to have met up with friends and associates of IMSMC – amazing who you find in Griffith!
Member Graham Smith arranged “an economy run” of this event, where classic drivers, needed to “guesstimate their miles per gallon” for the run. This certainly had the drivers wondering and although we “thought” we knew our vehicles, the different driving conditions can provide different results! Well done to member Joe Scarcella who “almost” got it right! Graham and Jan Smith awarding him with a fine drop and model of a classic 500!
On Saturday night, we gathered at the Hanwood sports club for more festivities. We also celebrated a few Birthdays on the night, which added to the atmosphere!
On Sunday, The sausage Festival was in full swing, with 1000 guests enjoying song, dance and Festivities. Our MC’s were well known celebrities (TV personality) and Lyndey Milan (celebrity chef) John Mangos (TV personality). Our club arranged a display of our classics, again attracting volumes of discussion and admiration.
A fantastic weekend, full of driving, fun, FRIENDSHIP and we MUST HIGHLIGHT GRIFFITHIAN HOSPITALITY!

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