Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wollongong Chestnut Festival

On Sunday the 19th of May, 13 cars created a wonderful display at the Fraternity Club in North Wollongong.

Our 8:00am meeting time, went very well. Our departure soon after, saw a cavalcade of Italian machines which the Hume Highway is becoming accustomed to! It was approximately 7 degrees and our cars loved it, each performing and sounding great.

Our arrival and arrangement went without any difficulty. Immediately the interest of the public was aroused, our cars definitely laying claim to being a major attraction for the remainder of the day! Shortly after our arrival, John Di Rocco & Robert Losinno, received a compliment from the BBQ staff (probably the biggest BBQ on the south coast!) as they were the very first clients of the day! The perfect breakfast - a steak sandwich!!!

As the day progressed, the organisers provided a number of bags of roasted Chestnuts and each driver received a lunch voucher, allowing them to sample an Italian sausage pannino (or two) again from the BBQ. Sandy Stillone "extended" the girls at the coffee machine - I think his order was for 26 espresso's?...Thank's Sandy!

Our departure time of 3:30pm arrived - with a single file of Italian Classic exiting with that "continental rumble"... naturally creating further interest from the public.

A wonderful day, glorious weather, excellent company and a great drive too!

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