Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Festa Della Repubblica 2013

Sunday the 26th of May, our club presented 38 Italian Classics & 50 members participating in the celebrations, at our Annual Ruotte Classiche at Club Marconi as part of the Festa Della Repubblica celebrations! Thank you to you all!

What a celebration! By 8:30am our cars departed from the Stockland Mall Shopping Centre car park, bound for Club Marconi. As we are a very efficient & well organised machine, our display area was not quite ready for our arrival, however in the "cool & calm" reactive way that we are famous for, our cars were parked, then moved again into what became a very picturesque display of our famous "pride & joy". Thank you for the co-operation exhibited by all!
Our Club stall was set up, adding to the "rare & unique" opportunities that our club provides to the general public. Our stall proved to be very popular, requiring a huge effort by Oriana De Iulio & Maria Losinno and all the helpers, Nina Stillone, Cate Stivala,Caroline Portelli & Carmel Losinno Gabriella Cipri, Christian, Daniel, Daniel ,Christian and Christian & Daniel! - Thank you EVERYONE (hope I haven't forgotten anyone!!).

Before long the festivities began, with the scent of BBQ, Pizza, Porchetta, pasta, cannoli, lupini and all "things Italian" in abundance. Music, traditional dance, singing and dancing evolved as the day progressed.

Each IMSMC driver received a commemorative memento Keyring as recognition of participation and continued celebration of our 5th Birthday year! The next opportunity to receive these will be at each forthcoming event.

Our car display was extremely well frequented by the public all day...many of our members requiring a great deal of refreshment as they were "all talked out" by the end of the day.

The Marconi executive committee along with the Italian Consular General, voted for the Best 3 cars of the day. Congratulations to Charlie Losinno - 1950 FIAT Topolino, Lloyd Jamieson 1969 Fiat 500F and a very special Best car of the Day awarded to Helen Chantel, 1968 Fiat 500 Convertible Vignale/Gamini. President of Club Marconi Vince Foti extremely impressed to learn that Helen does "so much" of the work on her car herself! Helen was extremely surprised and full of gratitude, as in the 40+ years of owning her Classic, received an award for the very first time! Congratulations Helen.

A special mention to one of our newest and "younger members", Michael Inferera. Michael presented to us his 1983 Alfa GTV...wonderful detail Michael and very Shiny!!! Pat Marando, also presenting a recently acquired Fiat 124 CC - that's a great find Pat!

Leo Di Rocco presented his recently rebuilt/restored, 1968 Fiat 1000OT Abarth coupe. Certainly a crowd pleaser and wonderfully presented motoring Classic!

David Mirabella presented his Fiat 500 F for the first time!

Keep these amazing cars coming guys!

A very eventful day. Full of entertainment, enjoyment and a surprise or two, even at the very end of the Day! It's amazing how we always "bond" in the moment of need. Thanks Charlie Losinno & Andy Mendes-Lopes for assisting Leo Di Rocco in his need of a trailer...nothing serious, just a bad earth, which prevented lights from working on the way home - best be safe than sorry and always look forward to the next opportunity to be part of the great IMSMC!

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