Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ettalong Italia Festa 13'

On Saturday & Sunday the 20th & 21st of April, 19 members of IMSMC in 11 cars, braved the elements and are congratulated in attending the Italian Festa at the Ettalong Beach Tourist Resort (EBTR).
Saturday, the weather was looking dubious at best, but each of the 11 drivers were determined to see that filters and wipers were all "in top shape" and braved one of the heaviest rainy days that the Sydney metro has seen in a very long time.

Our head car was the Alfa Carabinieri car (Thanks Charlie & Maria) as they navigated our way toward the EBTR. And what a drive it was, as Charlie lead us on a lovely scenic tour of inland roads as we descended toward our destination.

On arrival we were quick to book into our rooms, set up our display and head for our first restaurant stop @ ToTo's, for lunch. The afternoon progressed in great company. Many passers by questioning each of the owners about our wonderful machines.
Before long it was time to enjoy more food, wine, song and great company, as we gathered at "La Fiamma" pizzeria and restaurant for a magnificent and complimentary five course meal (thanks IMSMC) and "Shed Red" (thanks Di Rocco's). No shortage of chilli for the pizza e pasta too! It's amazing how everyone wants to "give to one another "...a real family atmosphere! Our evening  came to a close where each participant went to the comfort of their rooms (some requiring less encouragement than others!).

Sunday morning, the sky was blue, the sun was shining - a significant contrast to the day before. We gathered for breakfast (no doubt about the IMSMC appetite!). Sunday unfolded with thousands of people visiting and enjoying the cooking, coffees, drink, music and entertainment, all of Italian flavour! Our cars were frequented by all, as we were displayed at the very entrance to the resort. NBN news (Central Coast) also showed our cars in the 6:00pm News! It is amazing to watch people, as they enter our display, an immediate smile comes to their face - what is it about our cars? Obviously a joyous sight!

Before long, the weekend came to a conclusion with an IMSMC exit - flashing lights, honking horns, revving engines and waves from the general public in appreciation of our contribution to a very memorable weekend. The organisers have asked us to assure them, that we'll be there next year!

Another excellent weekend - THANK YOU!!!

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