Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ellen’s Art Exhibition: Braemar Gallery Springwood.

Saturday the 28th of June saw Ellen Di Rocco (Painting under her maiden name Legge) along with two other Artists; present their works with a Feminine theme to the wider community. The official opening began at around 3pm and everybody enjoyed the light refreshments, provided by the three talented artists. Visitors were also entertained by a harpist who played melodically all afternoon.

Towards the end of the day, visitors to the gallery were warmly welcomed to join in the festivities at the Di Rocco household in Orchard Hills. Within minutes of guest arriving, food, wine (The “Shed Red”) and later on even song began to flow! The Pizza troupe swung into action and within minutes, Lino De Iulio was orchestrating the movements of the troupe! Making sure that the right amount of ingredients were distributed amongst the pizzas, and a variety of flavours reached the palates of a voracious mob! Meanwhile, Leo Di Rocco, head chef, made sure the pizzas were cooked to perfection!

Michael De Iulio and Alessandro Di Rocco distributed the pizza amongst the guests, making sure their Nonna’s received the first pieces, avoiding later trouble!!

An excellent evening ensued, with Lloyd Jameson and the Di Rocco brothers entertaining us on the Guitar and Piano Accordion!

Such memorable tunes including “We all live in a Yellow 850” “I would walk *mumble mumble* miles” and in the early hours of the morning “You are my sunshine” via voicemail from an anonymous duo!

Yet again another evening spent in good company, fine food, wine and song! Hope to do it all again sometime in the near future!

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