Thursday, May 29, 2008

Festa Della Republica @ Club Marconi.

Sunday the 25th of May 2008 IMSMC members gathered on the soccer field of club Marconi to celebrate Italy's official 62nd birthdate of her republic.

This event saw our first merchandise stall run by Oriana De Iulio, Renee Di Rocco & Maria Losinno! A special mention to "il commericalista" Joe Lecce who sucessfully, practically singlehandedly sold over 20 Model Fiat 500's plus a further array of Italian model Vespas, Ducatti's & Alfa Romeo's!!

Charlie and Maria Losinno brought along thier newly aquired 1950 Topolino! A serious attraction throughout the day! Congratulations on such a beautiful car!
Our club cars attracted many visitors, so many people shared with us a story about their adventures of yesteryear involving classic Italian made cars.

Many thanks to Club Marconi for providing us with a vast array of Italian
cusine. Including wine, cakes, arancini and traditional Italian pannini e

The day concluded with a massive fireworks display and an interesting drive home!

Unfortunatly Garribaldi didnt make a guest appearance! but sent me a photo instead.

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