Sunday, July 24, 2022

Dakota Cafe

Sunday morning the 24th of July, 35 members with family enjoyed a morning at the Dakota Café, in North Ryde.

A special appearance by a number of Cavallini and a significant assembly of "Cavalluci" graced the carpark of the café.

 Interestingly (as an early arriver), it was obvious that the Italians were in town, as the sweet buzz of high lift cams entered Waterloo Rd and decelerated into the Cafe' car park. What a WONDERFULL assembly of Italian Machinery!

 Before long, our "hungry jockies" placed their order and BRUNCH, was served!

It's is great to see and hear such a great bunch of members & family, enjoying their mid morning around great cars, great food and great people! Thankyou to all in attendance and thankyou to the friendly staff of Dakota Café for their service and fine quality food!

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