Monday, July 4, 2022

AGM 2021/22

On Sunday the 3rd of July. our 2021-2022 Annual General meeting was held at the Strathfield Golf Club.

51 members with many partners were in attendance. Our President expressed his gratitude for the attendance (as Sydney was drenched with a third rain bomb), yet many still braved the elements to attend a very important event (required) on our club calendar. With formalities completed, we moved on to two important proceedings;

1. The committee for the forthcoming year was announced as unchanged!

2. Seven members were presented with "gifts of gratitude", including Tony Albanese, Gerardo Mediati & Nat Stillone, for their invaluable assistance in assisting many of our members while travelling on long distance events ( historic motoring brings the joy of roadside breakdowns...sometimes), but with these guys with us, we always arrive to the event and make it home, safe & sound.

Bruno Ferro & Daniel Cipri; for their time & effort in producing professional, high resolution images & videos summarising our events. Frank Rocisano, for the many "cake" contributions at our events. Tony Campisi for his HUGELY discounted "condiments" and support of many club fund raising activities. To each a HUGE THANK YOU.

At the completion of our meeting, members were offered a complimentary coffee ( Thanks IMSMC) and for many, utilised the bistro services of the Club and remained for Sunday dinner.

We look forward to the forthcoming year, enjoying diverse events and each other's company!

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