Tuesday, November 17, 2020

St. Albans Part 2

Sunday the 15th of November, Chapter 2 of the Classic 500's "Covid restricted numbers" event was held in St. Albans. In order to reach our destination, a river crossing was required! There were so many 500's, that the punt's Captain couldn't accommodate us in one crossing! He said he'll do better next time! Maybe next year, in the cooler months - as the conditions were quite challenging! None the less,we did extremely well.

Once again our lunch was excellent - The beverages were ample, having discovered a new way to transport the delicate drop!


Prior to  driving  the 30 km track along the banks of the river, many felt it would be safe to "fill up"... the local Petrol station "just" had enough for our thirsty high powered 500's.


Our day concluded at the CSI Club in Schofields for refreshments with some members opting for an afternoon snack. Each highlighting that the facilities , food & drink  are certainly worth visiting again and again!


Thank you to our 500 members, family & friends for your enthusiasm  and participation over this "memorable" Covid restricted event.


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