Monday, November 30, 2020

Berrima Weekend

On the weekend of the 28th of November, Chapter III, of the Covid restricted events was held in Berrima.

17 of our FIAT 850 members and family,  gathered for a great weekend event. Well... it started off as an 850 event, but due to the hot weather forecast for the weekend, it became a gathering of Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Fiat and Abarths! (each of these brands have 850 technology, somewhere right?)


Our Lunch experience and wine tasting  was held outdoors under thick pine trees of the Bendooley Estate Winery. The pine trees shaded us from the sun and created a cool and pleasant atmosphere. The wine wasn't a bad drop, some opting to purchase a dozen or 3 of Bendooly's finest wines after the tasting!


From there we checked  into our accommodation, the Berrima Bakehouse Motel. Members freshened up and then made their way across the road to the Surveyor General Inn, where we were entertained in the garden by two fine musicians. Later that evening members enjoyed a great meal in air conditioned comfort!


The following morning's breakfast was served at the Berrima Bakehouse. Two Italian Brothers, recently arrived from Italy creating a taste & texture that is rarley found outside of Italy! Amazing crusty bread and excellent cakes! The coffee was pretty good too! 


We really hope to do this event again... driving our Classic 850's ( many variations) in the cooler months of 2021.

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