Tuesday, November 12, 2019

IMSMC trip to Jindabyne

Who needs 1000 reasons to travel to Jindabyne?

Over thirty members and friends covered over 1000 kilometers of driving bliss, in the high country of New South Wales. What a great weekend, our first meeting spot was at the Pheasants Nest rest stop, then onto Goulburn for breakfast. 

Another stop at Hume where our cavalcade to Cooma took place, stopping at the Cooma Monaro Car Club. What an amazing place! It's a club house and museum, run by the communities passionatos where members & associates cars are stored and displayed. The hospitality extended toward us was incredible.

At the conclusion, onward to destination Jindabyne, where each of our breakfasts, lunches & dinners were all organised in the usual IMSMC Fashion! Thank you Mick & Cate Stivala for all your efforts!

Sunday morning and the stallions were bound for Perisher and Charlotte Pass, where, to our surprise we found SNOW! The Italian design engineers of the 1960's and 70's talents, were reflected in the manner in which the cars each blended into the surrounding environment with snow caps and cover everywhere! They looked awesome!

Later that afternoon, we visited the "House of Stivala"...an elite coffee house- by "special invitation only!"

All great weekends pass too quickly - homeward bound on Monday morning - The motoring experience to and from Jindabyne was 95% hassle free - as some little engined classics made their presence known, but with some help from "member experts" all arrived home safely. Thanks for your assistance Tony Albanese and Gerardo Mediati.

A great weekend and once again, one that is sure to happen again!

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