Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Festa Della Repubblica 2019

Sunday 25th May, 45 IMSMC cars along with 67 members and family participated in the annual celebration held at Club Marconi for the occasion of Italy becoming a republic.

Our day began at our dedicated area in the Marconi carpark, where we assembled, extended greetings, welcomed our new members and discussed our display for the day. We experienced a touch of light rain in the early morning but it soon subsided and we enjoyed great autumn weather for the rest of the day.

Our cars were mainly arranged in category including , Fiat 500s, other Fiat models, Alfa Romeo, Autobianchi and Lancia.
The day unfolded with all things Italian, cannoli, torrone, cakes, sausages, arancini, pannini, pizza, pasta, wine and castagne (chestnuts). All visitors were able to enjoy the full club facilities.
Our member Anthony Vecchio, brought many kilos of home grown mandarins to share with members, whilst they sat next to our Bancarella. 

What an enjoyable way to sit, chat, drink and have a laugh. Lena Zanello and Caroline Portelli shared their scrumptious home made biscuits and amaretti, thank you! Also thank you to Lena for helping to set up the Bancarella goods.
Thank you to Marconi Club for providing the seating and tables for our members use throughout the day.

At 3pm the Club Marconi executive committee, made their way to our display to judge and give recognition to their vote for the top three cars of the day. Congratulations to our winners!
1st – Tony Castiglione – Fiat 500
2nd – Robert Losinno – Alfa Romeo – 105 series coupe
3rd- John Calcara – Fiat 1500

The judges highlighted how increasingly difficult it is to pick the winners, as the quality of our vehicles is outstanding. It was fantastic to witness the level of passion that was reflected in the presentation of our vehicles, great effort members.
A big thank you to IMSMC member William Nasato & Corporate Awards, for assistance and contribution with our event trophies.

Thank you to everyone who participated, Marconi Festa Della Repubblica is one our highlight annual events, where we can “give back” to Club Marconi, for their ongoing wonderful support over the years.

 Another great day for IMSMC members and their families.

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