Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Breakfast at Scarborough

Sunday the 5th of May saw 69 adults & 5 children in 33 classic Italian Made cars (moderns too) attend the breakfast at the Scarborough hotel.

Our meeting place was the Shell service station on Davies Rd Punchbowl, where the owner was very accommodating, knowing that many cups of coffee and petrol would be purchased! He also took the opportunity to take some photographs of our classics, as he had not seen many of our veterans for many years.

Right on 8am, the cavalcade exited the station, bound for Scarborough, via a 40 minute enjoyable cruise through the National Park - what a great drive!
 Upon arrival, we efficiently "triple parked" the stallions and moved inside, where the coffee's flowed and the "breakfast team" worked triple time to cater for 74 hungry members!! The weather turned for the worse (lasted about 10 minutes), then the sunshine returned. Meanwhile we were protected from the elements "inside the restaurant" - our intention was to sit outside and enjoy the view of our beautiful coast linemany ran with this option! We'll  aim to do that next time.
 Thank you to "JCJR Team Losinno" for investigating the venue and a special mention to Robert Losinno for organising the finer details - Cheers Rob!

Thanks for your attendance everyone, the numbers are significant at every event! - That's IMSMC!

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