Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Lunch at Panorama House

Sunday the 3rd of March, 30 Italian Vehicles, transported 95 members & family for a great day at Panorama House in Bulli.

A meeting place on Heathcote Rd was arranged and at 10:15am, all made their way toward this great venue.

Upon arrival, our cars were arranged "by coincidence" in 2 straight lines, occupying prime spots in the car park, attracting onlookers, like bees to honey.

The view from Panorama house, would have to be the best view of our eastern coastline - absolutley spectacular - Hence the name of the venue. 

With the Venue came our menu, an abundance of fine food. Unbeliveably, there was even food left over from our elaborate buffet - Now that's saying something regarding our lot! 

The drive to & from the venue, is certainly conducive to our classics, no steep inclines or decents, the Italian stallions performing happily, as the jets & injectors were put through their paces getting a good "Italian tune up!"

A memorable day and great venue, One which will be remembered for all the right reasons. We'll do that again!

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