Sunday, March 31, 2019

F1 Experience 2019

Thursday the 14th through to Monday 18th of March, 19 members of IMSMC participated in the 2019 Melbourne Grand Prix.

What a Fantastic experience. It's an absolute carnival in Melbourne during these 4 days, people movement, restaurants, coffee shops and bars are all buzzing. V8's, touring cars, Porsche challenge, F4, driver parades, static displays, qualifiers and of course THE BIG RACE.

 We were fortunate to have organised a silver pass, which allowed us special grandstand seating and were able to visit certain arena's and halls, which added to the fantastic experience. All meals were organised, which took a lot of the hard decision making away! By co-incidence, the banks of the Yarra had an Italian festival on the Saturday, which allowed us to relax with fine refreshments, music  and of course, a good plate of pasta!

The extra long weekend was special for all - as some (who did not attend the race) graced themselves with visits to the many museums, art galleries, markets and shopping malls that Melbourne has to offer. The entire group enjoying a  reserved experience with a private bus and tour guide, visiting some of the most interesting sites that Melbourne has to offer! Brunetti's....Memorable!!

Once again, the IMSMC flag rose to the occasion where a "special group" of people shared in fine company, food, beverage and friendship!

We look forward to the next one!

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