Wednesday, April 4, 2018

La Pasquetta

On Monday the 2nd of April, members and family enjoyed La Pasquetta, an Italian tradition, where “Easter Sunday left-overs” are finished the next day at a picnic.
Our meeting place was at McGraths Hill Mc Donalds ( the traditional meeting spot). Right on time, we made our way toward Mt. Irvine.
Our picnic site was set up, with immediate impact. Members sharing in fine cuisine, home made olives, salami, cheese and all the “normal” appetisers, that an IMSMC gathering brings! 

Most members took the opportunity to visit the farm and collect chestnuts & walnuts. By the time they returned, the BBQ’s and more cuisine were ready and on for the offering!
By the conclusion of lunch a full array of “home made cakes and biscuits” filled our tables – do I sense a theme? Naturally,the coffee was on!
Most importantly, our event attracted a great number of families! Wonderful to make acquaintance with a fantastic group of people.
All cars performed magnificently, climbing the challenging hills of Bells Line of road and beautiful roads beyond!
A great day!

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