Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Trip to Oberon 2016

Sunday the 24th of July, 75 members and family made their way to Oberon, visiting the Mayfield Gardens!

At precisely 8:30am, we moved off, heading west on the Great Western Highway. All machines running well and as we approached Blackheath, the cars began to produce a fine hum, as the outside temperature dropped to  0 degrees. Upon arrival at Mayfield Gardens, all running to a HUGE LOG FIRE, with an espresso coffee in hand. 

Our walk through the gardens was amazing. Over $25 million dollars spent in setting up the gardens...the water features each containing incredible stone work of artisans. Granted we visited at the height of winter, it had already been decided that we will visit again, in the warmer months of Autumn or perhaps Spring, when the immaculate gardens will be in full bloom!

From Oberon, we drove back to Hampton and had lunch at the Halfway Hotel... the "meat servings" made it obvious, that we were in country NSW, High country at that!  The fish was good too!

A fantastic day, covering over 400Km of fantastic country driving. The cars outperformed each other...and every participant shared in a memorable drive and great company!

See you on our next run!

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