Tuesday, July 12, 2016

AGM 2016

On Friday the 8th of July, we held our Annual General meeting at Club Marconi.
Firstly, a HUGE THANK YOU to the 85 enthusiastic attendees that attended the meeting, in passionate style.
With 'formalities" completed, Member Gerardo Mediati, presented a few changes in categories, to our Concorso d'Eleganza, to be held on the 18th of September at Gough Whitlam Park. Always doing our best to cater for all members.
Member Brad Aitken, presented a "proposal" for our 4 day tour of the North Coast, to be held in the Autumn! Members expressing significant interest in what promises to be another great DRIVE experience.
The outcome of the night, presented the new committee, which remains unchanged. The club is fortunate to have a group of 7, that continue to maintain the passion & enthusiasm, that creates & maintains the ongoing success of IMSMC. Naturally, the club would not be what it is without the support of its members & sponsors! THANK YOU!
At the conclusion of proceedings, we enjoyed our traditional pasta meal (with Club Marconi's famous parmesan cheese & Chilli) and of course the favourite "Mille Foglie" cake for dessert, meanwhile the "YEAR IN REVIEW" video was displayed for the viewing of all (just like our Club Financials) on the big screen, bringing a smile to all, as they recalled certain 2015 club events!
Thank you everyone for your continued passion, enthusiasm and involvement, which makes our Club what it is!

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